Non Invasive LED Light Therapy

Silhouet-ToneLightfusion Advanced LED Light Therapy – Non-Invasive Photofacials is atotally natural, non-invasive treatment method to deliver non-invasive photo facials in a matter of minutes. With a unique method of exposure towavelengths of light through a specially designed Hydrogel Mask for the finest results.

This cutting edge photofacial using natural visible red light and near-infraredlight wavelengths therapeutic properties to restore cell processes in the skinto soften fine lines, improve skin tone and brighten the complexion. TheLightfusion is designed to lie directly against the skin, shortening thedistance between the device and the skin. By doing this, Lightfusion optimizes the light reaching target cells,which leads to shorter treatment times while maintaining proper therapeuticdose levels.

The design of the Lightfusion allows direct treatment to key areasof the face, including lips, neck and décolleté. Providing enhanced elasticity,improved hydration, fine line reduction, and improving uneven skin tone.

Lightfusion’s Many Benefits

Unique method of exposure to proven wavelengths of light through a specially designed hydrogel mask for optimum results
Exclusive safety sensor that switches off the device if there is any malfunction
Closer exposure for optimum efficiency
Protocols to improve hydration, firmness, redness and minor skin problems
Suitable for all skin types
Fast yet powerful facial therapy that provides a great client experience
Dedicated regimens to maximize efficiency and build client loyalty
Small and compact yet big on results
Minimal start-up costs and rapid return on investment
Free training material and on-going training support

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