Sanitary Covers For Salon Chairs and Spa Tables in Stock!

Our salon and spa clients are scrambling to put new sanitary protocols in place so they can reopen, all the while worrying if their clients are going to feel comfortable and safe to visit their businesses again. Pure Spa Direct has spent the last few months sourcing products to help our clients be prepared for this moment, as well as ways to help them make their clients feel comfortable.

One of the items we have in stock now are these Disposable Sanitary Chair covers! These easy to use Single-Use Disposable Chair Covers / Spa Table Covers help salon chairs, manicure chairs, spa chairs, and Spa Treatment Beds stay clean and sanitized. Lets customers feel safe in the salon! Fast & easy!
3 Distinct Ways to Use!

  • Place cover on chair when client arrives. Client sits on cover. Discard when the client leaves. For same client, you can take from styling chair to shampoo bowl.
  • Stylist disinfects chair & covers between clients, during breaks, or overnight. Discard cover when client arrives.
  • Also great for spa tables
  • Premium Quality
  • Tear-resistant – Extra strong
  • Chemical resistant & waterproof
  • Fits most chairs & spa tables
  • 71″ x 59″ (180cm x 150cm)
  • Box of 25 chair/table covers
  • Great for styling, shampoo area, manicure, pedicure, estheticians & massage therapists
  • For the same client, you can take from styling chair to shampoo bowl
  • Single-use – 100% recyclable clear plastic

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We Glove You and Your Business!

Let’s talk gloves for a moment. We all need to use them. Many of us don’t like to – either they prevent us from feeling, or they look too clinical. Well, not any more!

Pure Spa Direct just added some brand-new, latex-free gloves, in great colors such as black, purple, and white! Say goodbye to clinical blue gloves that make your clients feel like they are at the doctor, and hello to disposable gloves that match your decor!

We all know the devil is in the details, and showing your “real” side with some edgy gloves will not got unnoticed by your clients. Make them feel at home with you with these tiny details. Check out our huge selection of gloves below:

Purple Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves purple nitrile

Black Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves nitrile

Pink Nitrile Gloves nitrile glove

Teal Nitrile Gloves nitrile

This Blog Post: We Glove You and Your Business! originally appeared on Blogger.