Holiday Retail Ready?

I have been discussing the top holiday retail items for 2018 nonstop! It is a great time to introduce new items, or simply carry things you don’t retail year round.

It’s a busy season, and everybody is rushing around. How are you wrapping these gifts? I know for me, I appreciate simple, clean, and quick wrapping over having to wait around.

Look what we just got in! Reversible Satin Pouches With Cord Drawstrings

Not only are they super cute, but they are quick and easy, just for you! Available in a case of 72. These bright, dual color, reversible satin pouches, with cord drawstrings, are perfect for storing little trinkets, jewelry, giveaways, products, samples and more!

The diameter centers of these sewn circles are slightly cushioned to soften the bottom of the pouch when closed.

Available in Various Colors to match the business’s theme

  1. Neon Chocolate
  2. Mocha Champagne
  3. Black Ivory
  4. Ivory White
  5. Antique Gold Black
  6. Orange Yellow
  7. Pink Gray
  8. Country Blue Light Pink
  9. Purple Violet
Need more wrapping supplies? Take a look!

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