Just Added- Stainless Steel Warmer by Dermwax!

Dermwax’s Professional Large Wax Warmer is designed for waxing specialists. This professional-grade electric wax warmer quickly and smoothly melts 5 Lb of both polymer and non-polymer hard wax to the perfect consistency.


  • Thermostat controlled stainless steel wax warmer
  • Pot temperature can be adjusted and turned on/off
  • Can be used for depilatory or paraffin wax
  • Pot covers keep heat sealed in
  • Heats up to 176°F (80°C)
  • Holds 5.5 lbs of beads wax

Product Size: 10″(W) x 10″(D) x 6.5″(H)

Pot Well: 6-7/8″(W) x 5-1/8″(H)

This beautiful Stainless Steel warmer gives a neat and clean appearance, easy to clean, and removes wax residues both internally and externally.

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