What is Galvanic Machine?

What is Galvanic Machine?

Its primary uses are to:

  1. Disincrustation: softening the sebum and opening the pores for a deep clean
  2. Iontophoresis: the introduction of water-soluble materials into the skin

Galvanic current is used for the following functions:

Disincrustation – During disincrustation, the galvanic current creates a chemical reaction that softens or emulsifies (liquefies) sebum, turning it into soap (a process known as saponification). Soap is made of fat and lye (sodium hydroxide). After liquefying the sebum, the electrical current from the galvanic unit interacts with the salts (sodium chloride) in the skin, creating the chemical sodium hydroxide or lye. The lye and fatty liquefied sebum combine to form a soapy substance that helps dissolve grease deposits, debris, and blackheads in the hair follicles, making comedones much easier to extract. Disincrustation facilitates deep pore cleansing and is particularly beneficial for acne or oily skin.

Iontophoresis: Iontophoresis means the introduction of ions. It assists the penetration of water-soluble products into the skin. There are 2 types of iontophoresis:

  • Cataphoresis uses galvanic current flowing from the positive to the negative pole to force acidic products into the deeper tissues.
  • Anaphoresis uses galvanic current flowing from the negative to the positive pole to force liquids that are bases (alkaline) into the tissues.

Galvanic is one of the most popular modalities found in spas today because it is simple, yet effective. If you are offering acne facials, or if you really want to see results from the products you are using, consider incorporating galvanic into your facials today!

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High Performance Clipper IN STOCK NOW! LO-PROFX by Babyliss Pro

With clippers and trimmers still being a little difficult to find, we were thrilled to get a new high-end
clipper in stock from Babyliss Pro!

The LO-PROFX clippers feature an Ultra-low profile metal shield cover and ergonomic grip housing. It’s powered by a high-performance brushless 6,800 RPM motor with a high-capacity 3,300 mAh lithium-ion battery.

The design and power is completed by arming the LO-PROFX with a low-temperature blade. LO-PROFX, the perfect machine for overall feel, power, and cutting performance.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ultra-Low Profile Metal Shield Cover
  • High-Performance / High-Torque Brushless Motor
  • Lithium Ion Battery with 2 Hour Runtime
  • Graphite Wedge Blade – Zero Gap Adjustable
  • 5-Position Locking Metal Taper Arm
  • Ergonomic Grip Housing
  • Dual Voltage
  • Hanging Hook
  • Cord/Cordless
  • Limited 2-year Warranty

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Perfect for Retail: Stone City Farm Goat Milk Soap

Stone City Farm Goat Milk Bar Soaps are all natural soaps that are made in the United States to gently cleanse the skin and awaken the senses. Free of parabens and sulfates, these hand crafted bars are beautiful, hydrating and affordable making it a top choice retail item!

From the unscented Naked Bar and the purifying Activated Charcoal Facial Bar to their Man Bar and fun packaging, you’ll want to stock up as they ‘re flying out of the warehouses for Valentine’s Day already!


  • Paraben Free
  • Sulfate Free
  • Gluten Free
  • 100% Natural
  • Hand-crafted
  • Made In America

Don’t forget a soap deck to keep surfaces clean!

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Make 2022 Your Most Organized Year Yet!

Organize your styling station with this convenient Appliance holder. This is a wonderful addition for any salon or stylist looking to minimize space. It provides ideal accessibility and functionality for stylists. Comes complete with 1 flat iron space, 1 dryer space, and 3 curling iron spaces. Also, it features a hammered tone powder-coated finish and heat resistant holster.

Every Styling Station needs one!


  • Three outlets 15 amp
  • Hammered tone powder coated finish
  • Heat resistant holster
  • 1 flat iron, 1 dryer, 3 curling irons

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Elegance and Comfort – Deco Stamford All Purpose Chair

Elegance combined with comfort is one of the most sought after combinations for decor. The Deco Stamford All Purpose Chair is a winning combination of both!

Featuring an adjustable removable headrest and a reclining back that adds another element of functionality and will work great in any salon. Also includes your choice from 3 different base styles, chrome dual arm footrest, large upholstered arms, and rich black vinyl leather upholstery.

If that wasn’t enough, it comes with your choice of 3 different warranty options!

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New Year, New Salon Look!

New Year, New Salon Look!

Update your salon with the new Brentlee Sleek Backwash Unit. This modern backwash adds contemporary style to any salon! Ensure your clients are comfortable and relaxed…because let’s face it, everyone’s favorite part of a haircut is the shampoo!
  • UPC approved single lever faucet w/vacuum breaker.
  • Supports up to 450 lbs.
  • Tilting shampoo bowl.
  • Single lever only for footrest (seat back is non-reclinable).
  • Available with either a black or white bowl to match any salon
  • Shampoo bowl: 22″ x 21″ / Depth: 8″
  • Seat cushion depth: 17.5″
  • Arm to arm (outer): 25″
  • Arm to arm (inner): 19.5″
  • Footrest: 9″x 19.5″
  • Dimensions: 26″(L) x 48″(W) x 38″(H)

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New Magnifying Lamp by Daylight – Perfect For Your Spa or Salon!

The newest magnifying lamp in The Daylight Company‘s lineup is the perfect mag lamp for spas and salons! With a modern and aesthetically pleasing design, the MAG Lamp S is your ideal companion when carrying out detailed tasks or treatments. With 2 brightness levels, a 5″ glass lens, and an adjustable spring arm, you can position this magnifier exactly where you need it and choose the most suitable brightness setting for your task at hand. Ideal for spas, salons, podiatrists, and more!

This magnifying lamp is a great starter option for estheticians, lash technicians, nail technicians, tattoo artists, injectors, and more! You can now have the reliability of a Daylight lamp, without all the bells and whistles, for a fraction of the cost of some of their more advanced lights!


  • Modern and attractive slim design
  • 5″ glass lens with 3 dioptre (1.75X) magnification
  • Bright daylight LEDs
  • 2 brightness levels
  • Easily adjustable spring arm
  • Maximum reach 43″


  • Light source: LED
  • Lumens: 406
  • Lux at 6″: 5,300
  • Colour temperature: 6,000K
  • Energy consumption: 12W
  • Colour: White
  • LED rated life (hours): 50,000
  • 2 steps touch dimmer: 5,300 and
  • Lens diameter: 5″
  • Lens material: Glass
  • Magnification: 3 diopters (1.75X)

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Framar Pastel Switch Foil to Brighten Your Day

January here in New York is cold, windy, and dreary, and I keep finding myself looking at the gorgeous Framar Pastel Switch Foil just to cheer myself up!

Framar Pastel Switch foil rotates between a darling lilac foil and a charming mint foil. Stylists can use the patent-pending alternating pastel colors to keep track of highlights and lowlights or to create a full head of foils in dreamy pastels.

Available in pre-cut pop-up sheets or embossed 320′ roll – so however you prefer your foil, this pastel foil will work for you!

I can’t help but smile at these beauties, and I bet you can’t either!

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Grab these Gelish and Morgan Taylor Valentine’s Day Deals Before They are Gone!

Get your nail department Valentine’s Day ready with the new Gelish Dip and Morgan Taylor Valentine’s Day Deal packs! With beautiful, Valentine’s Day-inspired colors, these packs are a great value, too!

Gelish Dip Valentine’s Day Deal

$12.99 Deal Includes:

  • (1) Gelish Dip Liquid Frost (1.5 oz.)
  • (1) Gelish Dip Stilettos in the Snow (1.5 oz.)
  • (1) Gelish Black Empty Bag

Morgan Taylor Valentine’s Day Deal

$12.99 Deal Includes:

  • (1) Morgan Taylor React Base Coat (.5 oz.)
  • (1) Morgan Taylor React Top Coat (.5 oz.)
  • (1) Morgan Taylor Coming up Roses (.5 oz.)
  • (1) Morgan Taylor Purple Bag

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BACK IN STOCK! Black Backless Bras Available Now!

Back in Stock Alert!

Stock up now, before they are gone again! Disposable backless bras in Black are NOW AVAILABLE!

Disposable Backless Bra – Black – SMALL/MEDIUM / 100 Count

Disposable Backless Bra – Black – LARGE/XL / 100 Count

100 Count Black Bikinis are in stock now too!

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