What’s Anti-Aging, Nourishing and Blue All Over? The Blueberry Extract Crystal Eye Mask!

When it comes to the skin around my eyes, what I lack in wrinkles, unfortunately, I more than make up for in puffiness and dark circles. Genes, allergies, insomnia and stress all work together to dull my overall complexion and make me look haggard. The things that prevent me from looking anywhere near my best are not unique to me. You and your clients all suffer from the same exact issues. What I have done for myself and all Pure Spa Direct clients is test out all kinds of eye treatments and, I am happy to report that, I have found a fantastic temporary AND long term solution to tired and puffy eyes.

The Blueberry Extract Crystal Eye Mask is a triple threat to weary eyes in that it helps fight fine lines, dark circles and puffiness. The essence of blueberries, long renowned for their antioxidants and health benefits, has been shown to actually rebuild collagen matrixes in the skin, thus reducing sagging and wrinkles. This particular eye mask offers an extra punch by also being formulated with the always essential collagen. I have been using this mask consistently for over a week now, and not only have I noticed a difference, but so have my friends, family and coworkers! You can use the Blueberry Extract Crystal Eye Mask as an add-on for any services – From Facials to Pedicures! At just $8.95 per 5 pair, your cost per service is only $1.79. Try this mask out today – Your clients will appreciate it!

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Salt of the Earth: A Comparison of Bulk Salts Offered By Pure Spa Direct

At Pure Spa Direct, we offer all types of bulk salts, whether they are from the Mediterranean Sea, the French Coast, the Dead Sea or the Himalayan Mountains. But its all just Sodium Chloride, right? The answer is a resounding NO – There are major differences that will have a definitive impact on your clients and the services your offer.

This particular type of salt is solar evaporated on the shores of the Mediterranean, meaning that sea water is left out in the sun to evaporate under natural conditions. Once the water has evaporated, pure sea salt crystals are revealed. This is probably one of the more popular salts since it is cost-effective, available in a multitude of grain sizes and it also dissolves quickly. Containing such minerals as Iodine, Fluorine, Magnesium and Potassium, this salt can be used as a soak and a scrub.

This Sea Salt is farmed from the Brittany Marshes off the coast of France using methods that have been in place for over 1000 years. Unrefined and full of trace minerals, this salt is actually lower in sodium and contains Calcium, Potassium, Copper, Zinc and Iron. While it can be used as a scrub, this salt is best used as a soak. Also, due to its excessively dry nature, it is able to absorb essential oils better than other salts. This is one of the best salts to use for aromatherapy.

Unlike the previous 2 types of salt, this particular sodium chloride is obtained not from the ocean, but rather the famed Dead Sea, a 3 million year old salt water lake. Another key difference is the fact that Dead Sea Salt only contains 10% sodium, and the remaining 90% is comprised essential minerals including Zinc, Iodine, Potassium, Calcium and Bromides. The effectiveness of the Dead Sea is not only due to the salt content, but also the atmosphere of the region. You can bring to Dead Sea to your spa, however, by creating custom soaks with the salt. Since it is so rich in minerals that the human body constantly needs to replenish, soaking treatments will provide the greatest benefits, but this salt can also be used as a scrub. Soaking in Dead Sea Salt has been shown to help treat such issues as cellulite, water retention, itching, acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, scabies, dandruff and hair loss.
Mined from deep within the largest mountain range in the world, Himalayan Salts look more like coarse gemstones than chunks of salt. These completely pure salts were formed millions of years ago and have never been exposed to any types of pollutants or toxins. In addition to sodium, this salt also contains 84 trace minerals, including all 74 elements found in the human body. Himalayan Salt is best used for hydrotherapy treatments as submersion is the most efficient way to absorb the product. This salt has been shown to heal wounds and muscle injuries, repair skin texture and tone, combat cellulite and water retention, and even plump up the skin to fill out fine lines and wrinkles.
Click HERE and HERE to see just a few of the salt products we carry!
***Bonus Tip*** Apothecary Jars are an easy, effective and charming storage unit for your salt soaks and scrubs.

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Beauty News Alert – Phyto Announces New Products and Packaging

Recently, at the annual Awards Dinner/Sales Meeting for the Ales Group, whose brands include Phyto and Lierac Paris, it was announced that new packaging would be released for the Phyto line, as well as brand new products.

Starting in mid-March and continuing through April, Phyto will release their new Gold and Silver packaging. The products that are being added to the line are as follows:
  1. Subtil Elixir
  2. Secret de Nuit
  3. 4 Express Conditioners including:
    • Phytobaume Hydration
    • Phytobaume Volume
    • Phytobaume Color Protect
    • Phytobaume Repair

In addition, Phyto announced they will be releasing a Phytokeratine Spray and Mask this September!

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Cream of the Crop: The Best Top Coats!

A vast majority of Nail Technicians will always say that their absolute favorite Top Coat, hands down, is the Seche Vite Crystal Clear Top Coat. We here at Pure Spa love the feedback that our clients provide and I personally have sworn by Seche Vite for years as well. A recent experience, however, made me reconsider my unyielding devotion and maybe, just maybe, allow 2 top coats to be favorites.

Last week I tried a lovely new nail salon. The staff was warm and gracious and they were exceptionally patient while it took me forever and a day to choose my polish colors. I like to bring my own top and base coats and while the technician was more than happy to oblige with my Poshe Base Coat, she said that she would much rather use her ‘Out the Door’ Top Coat. Seeing as I had never used that particular product before, I decided to go for it.

The final verdict? I absolutely LOVE Out the Door Top Coat! While this does not mean I am saying goodbye to Seche Vite, it does mean that there is a new, fantastic option depending upon your clients needs.

Out the Door Top Coat Experience:

  • Applied evenly, did not have to be globbed on.
  • Medium amount of Shine.
  • 3-5 minute drying time. The manufacturer says the product dries in 45 seconds, however, it took several minutes for my nails to no longer be tacky.
  • Most importantly, this product LASTS. Despite going to a Water Park and doing a significant amount of house cleaning, I did not experience any kind of chipping until the 6th day of my manicure! Who knows how long it could have lasted if I took it easy on my nails?
  • Needs to be applied thickly, as product itself is thick. The more, the better!
  • Very high Shine – Nails look wet.
  • 1-2 minute dry time MAX. My nails are A-OK to dig into my purse for keys approximately 2 minutes after Seche Vite top coat application.
  • Typically, I start to experience peeling on the 3rd day. Water and cleaning supplies have caused it to lift automatically.
Deciding which top coat to use all depends upon the needs of your client. When you have clients that love the wet look and/or cannot sit at the nail dryer for an extended period of time, Seche Vite Top Coat is the way to go. Clients who have some time to spare and are looking for a longer-lasting manicure can be offered Out the Door Top Coat. Providing you client with options will help garner loyalty and help increase profits!

Click HERE to see all Seche Vite products and Click HERE to see all International Nail Manufacturers products!

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Aveda Neo Goth Color Collection

Hair Trend Alert! Aveda has announced the release of the new Fall/Winter 2012 Neo Goth Color Collection!
According to Antoinette Beenders, the Global Creative Director of Aveda, “We were inspired by the Gothic darkness on the runways, but took it in a direction of our own. We added fragility to the look, and romance — also drew upon the graphic futurism of Japanese manga and anime. The look is Goth…and much more.”

So what, exactly, can you expect from this new line? Ian Michael Black, Aveda Hair Color Artistic Director, says the full spectrum of red tones, Orange to Copper and even Violet. These bold colors can look gorgeous on virtually any client, but most especially those well defined cuts.
Need supplies and ideas for hair services? Pure Spa Direct has everything you need!

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Ingredient of the Month: Grapefruit!

Now that a heat wave has overtaken the country during the already sweltering months of June and July, your clients are going to be walking through your doors looking for a refreshing and rejuvenating experience. Incorporating cucumbers into treatments is always popular, however, why not citrus things up a bit and add Grapefruits to your treatment menu?

The cliche that always seems to come to mind with this particular fruit is the ‘Grapefruit Diet.’ Aside from being great for weight loss, this scrumptious citrus is also jam-packed with the antioxidants, such as Vitamin C and Lycopene. What does this mean for your clients? Whether they are getting a scalp massage, mani/pedi or facial, they will be receiving some major antioxidant and skin-renewing benefits.

Here are just a few of the Grapefruit products that we carry:

  1. Essential Oil – Perfect as an add on or for room fragrance.
  2. Body Scrubs – Great for pedicures, manicures and full body treatments
  3. Facial Paraffin – Must-have treatment for congested and oily skin.
  4. Body Paraffin – Stimulating, yet soothing moisture treatment.
  5. Lotion – Great for retail after treatment completion.
  6. Body Butter – Perfect for massage therapists looking to offer grapefruit massages.
  7. Shower Gel – Another fabulous retail item
  8. Hand Soap – Invigorate your clients, even in the rest room!
Click HERE to see all of the grapefruit products that we offer!
**Insider’s Tip** Have grapefruit slices cut up and ready to go in your fridge. When offering clients a glass of water, feel free to place a wedge on the rim for your clients to enjoy and/or spritz into their drink.

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Hands Up, Baby, Hands Up! Introducing the New Hand Treatment Service

Between the cold weather, washing dishes, doing laundry wrapping presents, and pretty much all that goes into getting ready and living through the holidays, my hands are a mess – havoc has been wreaked. I would love to get a treatment that focuses mainly on my hands, however, the only option that seems to be available is a manicure. While we all love our manicures, sometimes the focus needs to be shifted from prepping for polish to strictly caring for 2 of our most essential body parts.

It is time for spas and salons to start adding Hand Treatments to list of services. It is an easy Add-on where you can incorporate a mask, ampoules and a massage. The perfect product to use as the base for this service is the Collagen Hand Mask / 24 Karat Gold / 1 Pair. Formulated with Silk Extract and Gold Powder, this luxurious mask is placed on top of your clients’ hands to hydrate, moisturize and their re-balance skin tone.

Another essential product for the hands is the Dr. Temt Magic Macadamia Oil Ampoule / 5 Pack / 0.14 oz Each (MMA). Not only do they moisturize the skin, but the Macadamia Oil Ampoules’ main feature is their regenerative property – They provide a protective layer while assisting the skin in healing itself, a MUST during this time of the year. To maximize the effects of this product, massage it into the skin with steam prior to applying the 24 Karat Gold Hand Mask.
You can finalize this treatment by providing an Aromatherapy Cream or Lotion Massage to complete the euphoric experience. If you want to customize the cream or lotion, Amber Products offers some fantastic Unscented Bases to add your blend of Essential Oils to. If you prefer to have your scents pre-made, I recommend checking out the Keyano Butter Creams. There are a variety of scents, from warm to tropical, and all provide an escape for the senses.
I have yet to find a form of this treatment, but maybe you can be the first one to start a Winter Hand Revolution!

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Makeup Pro Tip – Squalane Oil

Even though it has been another relatively mild winter, one effect of the season that stays consistent is dry, dehydrated and flaky skin. This can be especially tricky for makeup artists who need to make their clients’ faces look hydrated and luminous.

To combat dry skin and enhance the appearance of your cosmetic application, apply just a few drops of Squalane Oil to your makeup products, such as your foundation and blush. This clear and odorless product that is derived from olives is dye-free, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, light and non-greasy. It can help nourish your clients’ skin AND help provide that wintry glow.

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So Simple, So Plush – Convert Half Round Bolsters Into Pedicure Bowl Footrests!

Of all the products that we sell, I would have to say that the Copper Pedicure Bowls are one of the most popular and beloved of products due to its luxurious, aesthetically-pleasing and extremely hygienic features. Unlike its resin counterparts, however, the Copper Pedicure Bowl does not have a footrest designed for it.

Recently, I went to a lovely spa that happened to be using the Copper Pedicure Bowls that we sell. After my soak was completed, to my surprise, the nail technician brought over a Jumbo Half Round Bolster and rested it across the pedicure bowl. So simple, yet absolutely brilliant!

The Bolster allowed me to not only rest my feet for the polish application, but also my legs for the foot and leg massage. Since the bolster is covered in vinyl, it is easily cleaned and water-resistant. Most importantly, it was not just comfy, it was plush.

If you are in the market for a pedicure bowl, foot soak, or just an update for your current copper or stainless steel bowls, Click HERE to see our Copper and Stainless Steel Options. Also, Click HERE to check out the Earthlite Jumbo Half Round Bolster. Not only does it act as a great leg and footrest, but you can also choose from a lovely selection of 16 beautiful colors to match your decor!

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Nail Trend Alert: Almond-Shaped Nails

Trendy and Daring Almond Nails

Nails are the truly the new jewelry and this fact is being reflected by the celebrities wearing many diverse shapes. Just as diamonds and gems come in Princess, Emerald, Pear or Baguette cuts, nails can be filed into Almond, Mountain Peak, Square, Rounded, Squarely Rounded and Oval shapes.

Both Awards Season and Mercedes Benz fashion week have showed that, of the above options, Almond Nails are the hottest right now. While Lady Gaga and Fergie have been rocking this shape for well over a year, Almond Nails hit the mainstream when the stunning Adele took the stage at every single award show to collect her latest statuette.

Universally flattering Squared Oval Nails

So who looks best with almond nails? Anyone who is daring, trendy and fashionable. Show your clients that you are in what is HOT by recommending that they try this shape. For those clients that are uncomfortable with change, stick with the Squarely Rounded and Oval shapes.

Pure Spa Direct has everything you need for nail shaping and manicures, including, Files, Buffers, Nail Clippers, Scrubs and Lotions.

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