Pure Spa Gloves You! Latex, Nitrile, Vinyl and more… nearly 300 glove choices!

Spas and Salons need gloves… lots of them. There are so many choices — some are a matter of preference, others are a matter of necessity based on the treatment.

Latex Gloves:
Latex gloves are available in powdered and powder free (no powder). Some prefer the light powder on the inside as it makes them easier to don (put on) and doff (take off), while others are annoyed by the powder residue on their hands. Latex has perhaps the most natural feel and greatest sensation of touch, but some have latex allergies and should avoid them. Latex gloves are also available with aloe — a great choice over powdered — they are easier to don and doff and don’t have any powder residue… BUT they are more expensive. Latex gloves are available in natural rubber color, black – great to hide stains during hair color and other services, blue, green and more.

Vinyl Gloves:
Vinyl gloves are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and are latex-free. Since vinyl gloves are not form-fitting, they fit more loosely than latex and are normally a bit less in price. They are also available in powdered and power free (no powder). There are “stretchy” vinyl gloves that more closely simulate latex and they make a great choice for those who prefer the stretchy feel of latex, but can’t wear them due to latex sensitivity issues. Vinyl does not stand up well to acetone – nail techs take note!

Nitrile Gloves:
Nitrile gloves are an oil-based product which have similar physical characteristics of latex gloves. They stretch like rubber, although they have no latex in them. They ofer superior performance in a variety of applications. There are lots of reasons why disposable nitrile gloves are a great choice: they are 3 times more puncture resistant than regular latex gloves, they provide a stronger barrier of protection and offer greater chemical resistance, they have a lower resistance to friction, making them easier to put on and take off your hands, they do not contain any natural rubber latex, so they can be used by anyone with latex allergies, even though they are disposable, nirtile gloves can usually be worn more than once because of their superior puncture and tear resistance, Nitrile reacts to your body temperature and conforms to the shape of your hand, making a snug and comfortable fit. Nitrile does not stand up well to acetone – nail techs take note! Nitrile gloves are available in blue, purple, black, white and more.

Poly Gloves:
Polyethylene Gloves (Latex Free) also called PE gloves or “plastic gloves” are made with materials approved by USDA, provide protection from organic vapors, dusts and mists thus making them a smart choice for any food service application. All of the poly gloves are powder free. These are gloves like you see in many food service uses — they look like baggie material. They are inexpensive and great for certain uses – like hair colorists. However, they do not fit snugly and can be a bit awkward where a high degree of touch is required… they would be a bad choice for facialists! Poly gloves are typically clear.

Whatever your glove needs or preferences, Pure Spa Direct has YOUR glove in YOUR size!

Check out the selection here:

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Follow the Leader… er, um, Liter!

Product Club‘s new EZ-Dispense Liter Holder is so simple, yet so AMAZING! The Sleek design uses and a non-drip cap your developers, shampoos, and conditioners for easy dispensing. Holds most liter bottles and soft packs. Eliminates waste and saves money, dispensing every last drop of liquid. Keeps color bars and shampoo areas and clean. Multiple holders can be hooked together for organization. Includes a non-drip cap.

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Warm Fingers are Happy Fingers!

Few things make me more uncomfortable than being cold. Most spas and salons pay careful attention to this detail with warming blanks in treatments, checking the water temperature before a hair rinse, etc. Somehow though, the warm comfort idea escapes many manicurists. Manicure dishes ofen have cool water in them, lotions are not often warmed, acetone and solvents evaporate and make the skin cold too. Brrrrrrrrrhhhhh!!!

There is a simple solution though… for UNDER $3!!! The Deluxe Warming Manicure Bowl by DL Pro is soooooo simple, but soooooo effective! Specially designed for warming water, lotion, cuticle oil or acetone. The bowl consists of two parts, the outer container and the inner manicure bowl. The outer container is filled with hot water then locked into place to prevent leaking. Heat from the hot water warms up the contents of the inner bowl –water, lotion, oil or acetone — anything that is in the well of the inner manicure bowl.
Soooooo Nice!!! Ergonomic comfort design contours to the hand. Measures: 4-1/4″L x 3-1/4″W x 2″Deep.
Pretty neat, eh? Make your clients happier for less than $3. Order a Deluxe Warming Manicure Bowl by DL Pro for every manicure station today!

While you here, might as well check out a previous blog I wrote on electric manicure lotion warmers too:

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Can You Feel It? Hot Hot Hot! Massage Flame Candles – The World’s Finest All Natural Body Massage Candles

Massage Flame candles allow you to offer a unique experience. As they melt, you drip the warm oil from the candles on your client. There are 9 delicious scents that your clients will love. A truly unique hot oil massage! The Massage Flame treatment provides an unforgettable massage experience that9s customized and orchestrated by your clients9 individual needs and moods. Each oil is therapeutically infused with beneficial essential oils and luxurious emollients, leaving skin silky smooth and irresistibly scented.

Plus, unlike any other spa treatment, you send your guests home with their very own Massage Flame in a beautiful gift box for their own “at home” massage fun!

Massage Flame Candles – The World’s Finest All Natural Body Massage Candles!

See Them HERE:
https://www.purespadirect.com/SearchResults.asp?mfg=MASSAGE FLAME

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CND Shellac 2013 Summer Splash Collection Set / 4 Fun Colors: Grape Gum Lobster Roll Water Park Pink Bikini

Ooops, they did it again… CND has come out with 4 amazing new colors of their amazon super polish Shellac! Summer is all about leisurely days spent poolside soaking up rays for a sun-kissed glow. The new CND Shellac Summer Splash Collection mimics the pleasures of the season!

The 4 New Colors – available to licensed professionals are Pure Spa Direct are:

Check them out today and make sure your salon / spa keeps up with the latest trends with the hottest new CND Shellac Colors available at PureSpaDirect.com

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Pure Spa Direct is on Tumblr!

If you read our blogs on Blogger and you prefer Tumblr, well… you are in luck… they are now published on Tumblr too! Check them out at http://purespadirect.tumblr.com/– same great blogs, new place to read ’em!

The only bad part about Tumblr is every time I say — or even think — the name, 1983’s Culture Club song “I’ll Tumble For Ya” echos through my brain. Make it stoppppp! 🙂

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Euro Style Pedicure Stools and Manicure Stools from Encore!

These cool Euro Style Mani & Pedi Stools are ergonomically designed for technicians. The chairs feature extra firm back supports and high density foam seat cushions with improved elasticity for extra comfort. They have a durable gas lift system and a solid polyurethane caster wheels for smooth movement.


  • Manicure Stools:Height Range (from ground to top of seat): 17″ – 22.5″
  • Low Pedicure Stools:Height Range (from ground to top of seat): 15″ – 16.7″
  • Ergonomic design
  • Extra firm back support & seat cushion
  • High-density foam cushions for comfort and support
  • Durable solid polyurethane caster wheels
  • Choice of upholstery colors

Check them out here:
https://www.purespadirect.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=GW- Euro Style Ergonomic

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Better Pedicures with Foot and Leg Rests!

Once of the key’s to a good pedicure service is comfort. Both the technician and client must be comfortable. The technician must be comfortable to facilitate their work and the client must be comfortable to ensure a great experience and build the desire to be a repeat client. A proper foot / leg rest can make the difference between a great service and a bad service as it elevates the clients feet and legs to the right height.. comfortably!

PureSpaDirect.com offers a number of great options to fit your needs AND budget!

Check them out today and you’ll be on your way to better pedicure services!

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Just Sisal While You Work!

No, I did not spell “whistle” wrong, I am writing about Sisal!

What is Sisal? According to Wikipedia:

“Sisal (Agave sisalana) is an agave that yields a stiff fibre traditionally used in making twine, rope and also dartboards. The term may refer either to the plant or the fibre, depending on context. It is sometimes incorrectly referred to as sisal hemp because hemp was for centuries a major source for fibre, so other fibres were sometimes named after it.”

You might be asking yourself, OK Doug, what do Agave plant ropes have to do with spas/salons? Well, it turns out that Sisal fibers are ALSO used to make a variety of exfoliation products… sponges, soap sacks, mitts, gloves, pads, brushes and more!

Sisal is used for deep exfoliation and massage of the skin, and it is frequently used dry. This type of rough exfoliation may take some getting used to, but it is a good way to slough off dead skin and reveal fresher, softer skin underneath. Sisal is also very commonly used wet, in the shower (in a standard shower or during a Vichy Shower treatment), for slightly more gentle exfoliation.

Whether the Sisal is used wet or dry, it is best to begin with a gentle scrubbing until the skin becomes more used to the exfoliation of the sisal bristles, and then more pressure can be applied for a deeper exfoliating massage.Sisal can be used on the back as well as other rough places, such as the knees or feet, or even all over the body for a full-body exfoliating treatment.Sisal should not be used on more sensitive areas like the face.

Because theSisal may also be able to improve circulation, some recommend always brushing in a circular motion, toward the heart. One may use a sisal brush every day, once a week, or as needed… any use can provide skin benefits!

So remember, if you offer exfoliation treatments or are looking for great retail items for home use… “Just Sisal While You Work!”

See Pure Spa Direct’s Sisal Offerings Here:

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