Short People! We have help for you… Step Stools!

As a 6′ 2″ man, I have never had a hard time reaching things, in fact much the opposite… people (who are more height challenged) have asked me to get things that were out of their reach for my whole adult life.

I’m not saying I don’t like to lend a helping hand, but I think I’d prefer to outsource the task to… Step Stools! Yes, now you too can reach new heights and grab things for yourselves!

All kidding aside, every spa, salon, medical office, business and home NEEDS a step stool. We have a great selection… check ’em out here: step stool

And yes, I need a step stool sometimes myself when things are just a little out of reach. 🙂

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Impress Your Clients and Bring Peace with Selenite

I’ve always been fascinated by Selenite. It is hard to explain why, but it looks and feels cool!
Selenite is a form of gypsum, and its colorless transparent structure has a pearl-like luster. Selenite gives an iridescent sheen that shimmers like moonlight and it is said that it enhances meditation. The word “Selenite” comes from the Greek “selenites,” meaning “moon stone” or “moon rock.”
Selenite is often carved in to massage wands, lamps, candle holders and more. In the metaphysical realm, Selenite is often described as being remarkably peaceful. The crystals are said to carry a very high vibration and instill clarity of mind and a deep sense of inner peace.
They say that Selenite can assist you in opening your crown Chakra and that it has the power to cleanse and clear other crystals and negative energies. Selenite items look cool and will make a nice addition to your treatment rooms!

See Our Selenite Lamps, Wands Candle Holders and More Here:

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Sacro-Lumbar Support with Compression Straps …a Massage Therapist’s Savior!

Day in and day out, slaving over clients on the massage table can take its toll on a massage therapist. Oddly enough, at the end of the day, most massage therapists feel like they could use a nice 90 minute deep tissue treatment. BTW, Estheticians have the same problem!

But what if there was a way to cheat the pain and strain? What if the solution was under $40?
There IS a solution! The Sacro-Lumbar Support with Compression Straps by DJO can make a world of difference. Great for men and woman, it is Ideal for providing support and compression for strains and sprains of the low back and abdominal area… discretely under your shirt.
Check them out here:
Your back will thank you!

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Berodin Wax Now Available at!

Berodin Wax allows for fast, efficient waxing with gentle results. Formulated with revolutionary polymers for flexibility and strength. Berodin Wax adheres firmly to fine and coarse hair leaving your clients happy and hair free. Shorten your service, rebook more clients, and Wax On with Berodin Wax.

Berodin® depilatory products are superior quality to most wax products. Warmed at low heat, Berodin Wax is applied just above skin temperature making it gentle yet effective. The creamy texture makes it less brittle and sticky than traditional waxes.

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Can you feel it? Hot Hot Hot – Ouch! Thermal Mitts to the Rescue!

Professionals and consumers alike accidently inflict extreme pain on themselves daily in the name of beauty and styling control. Yes… they burn the bajeevies out of their hand using hot styling tools like curling irons, flat irons, etc. Yeoooowch!
Big problem, simple, inexpensive solution… the SS Slik Stik Professional Thermal Mitt.
  • Protects hands from high heat appliances!
  • Ideal for Clipless Irons
  • Perfect for Straightening Irons
Get one… they cost under $3 bucks and they will save you from hours of pain. Great for professional use, packaged for profitable retail sale (Suggested retail is $6.99).
Click and See ’em Here:

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Soooooooo Many Depilatory Wax Brands!

Did you know that Pure Spa Direct offers the most complete selection of the best depilatory wax brands anywhere. Sourced from all over the globe, we offer the best in hard wax, hot wax, stripless wax, strip wax, lukewarm wax and more. We have an amazing selection of cans, beads, pucks, and cartridges.

Wax Brands at

We are THE PLACE for WAX! Check out our massive selection here:

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Authentic East Asian Herbal Medicine Apothecary Chests

Our new Authentic East Asian Herbal Medicine Apothecary Chests are gorgeous and intriguing. They are hand crafted in a classic Korean / Japanese antique design, with and are available in a variety of sizes. Each has amazing miniature drawers, traditionally used for medicinal powders, minerals, roots and herbs. They are finished in a richly grained dark stained Elmwood and accented by etched oriental brass fittings. They have a slim profile – which means you can place these cabinets against a wall without impeding foot traffic.


  • Authentically crafted oriental herbal medicine chests
  • Perfect against any wall – unique unobtrusive slim profile
  • Elegant hand rubbed richly grained wood finish
  • Striking oriental style antiqued brass hardware
  • Includes lucky brass fish lock & key

See our Authentic East Asian Herbal Medicine Apothecary Chests HERE!

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New Products at ‘O Plenty!

Pure Spa Direct’s Just Added category is like a candy store for spa & salon professionals.

Oodles of new goodies are added all the time, sometimes daily… so it is always worth swinging back and taking a look.

After all, who does not love new products?

Bookmark this link:

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Bright, Bold and Colorful – New Spa Robes, Wraps, Slippers and More from M Spa

Spa after spa after spa, it is always the same… white robes, wraps, slippers, towels and headbands. Why not stand out from the crowd and change things up this spring? Pure Spa Direct just added a great line of luxury robes, wraps, slippers and towels that will add a burst of color to your spa or salon!

Choose from these categories:

  • Adult Bathrobes including: Terry Kimono Bathrobes, Velour Kimono Bathrobes, Velour Shawl Bathrobes, Velour Hooded Bathrobes, Waffle Bathrobes – Knee Length, Waffle Square Bathrobes, Waffle Diamond Bathrobes
  • Kids Bathrobes including: Terry Bathrobes, Velour Bathrobes, Waffle Bathrobes
  • Towels including: Pool Towels, Hand Towels, Baby Towels, Wash Cloths, Bath Sheets, Salon Towels, Multi Purpose Towels, Hair Wrap Towels
  • Slippers including: Velour Slippers, Waffle Slippers, Velcro Slippers, Kids Slippers, Disposable Slippers
  • Bath Wraps including: Men’s Spa Wraps, Women’s Spa Wraps,Velour Bath Wraps, Waffle Bath Wraps, Microfiber Bath Wraps
  • Accessories including: Headbands, Bath Mats, Replacement Robe Belts

See the entire collection here:

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It’s a Sticky Situation… I’m Talkin’ About Strapless Disposable Slippers for Sunless Tanning!

Part of any good spa/salon service is exceeding the comforts and expectations of your clients. For me, it is all about the details. The little things. Details that make your clients’ experience memorable and improve the quality of your services. Each service has it’s nuances, and Spray Tanning is no different.

For this wildly popular service, one of the often over looked details is the bottoms of your clients’ feet. When you perform a spray tan, some of the fine mist falls on the floor, towel, mat, wet room tile, pop-up tent floor, etc. where your client stands. During your service, you typically have the client change positions so that you can get complete even coverage with the spray tan. When the client re-positions, they move their feet. In doing so, the bottoms of their feet come in to contact with the tan mist that settled below. When this happens, the BOTTOMS of their feet start to tan. Feet bottoms are not a place we want to be tan… it is not natural looking and is a dead give away for a sunless tan. To make matters worse, the bottoms of the feet have thick dead skin — an abundance of keratin in one location and sunless tanning products tan those areas the darkest.

Normal spa footwear has covered toes or a strap — not an attractive tan line! But there is a solution! Strapless Disposable Slippers, or Sticky Feet as they are often called, are a thin foam slipper bottom that includes non-slip tread on once side and a medical grade sticky adhesive on the other. Peel the backing off, stick ’em on and voila – slippers that prevent tan feet bottoms!

Pure Spa Direct offers them in a variety of colors both as open stock (order a few and try them) and in bulk boxes of 500 pair. Order them and improve the service experience and results for your clients. They work great with airbush tanning, HVLP tanning, lotion tanning and aerosol tanning. Remember, it is the memorable details that set you apart for your competitors!

Check Out Sticky Feet Here:

Check Out ALL Your Sunless Tanning Needs Here:

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