Injecting Profits into Spas – Call the Doctor to Give Clients a Lift

Injectables offer spa clients more dramatic
and youthful results.

There comes a time in any client’s skincare regime when they have exhausted the routine of facials, microderm packages, masks and creams in their quest to stay youthful – they want more. Many small spa businesses and estheticians find themselves trying to decide what to add to their menu as a next level of treatment to address more aggressive signs of aging for these types of clients. Some will opt for purchasing or leasing IPL machines, lasers, or various types of equipment in hopes of helping clients reach that next level of rejuvenation. But with these types of units costing $10,000 – $40,000 (and results varying client to client), the investment can sometimes go bust. Not to mention, if your competitor down the street gets the same unit, sales for these services can quickly go flat.

“Injectable Fillers for age conscious clients compliment
skin care services spas already offer.” -Dr. Joel Lamm
(Photo: 2 days post cheek injections, Botox & Juvaderm XC)

Recently, I took my mom to see my dermatologist, Dr. Joel Lamm, for his signature “Liquid Face Lift”. My 64 year-old working mom sees Dr. Lamm to “work his magic,” lifting, plumping, sculpting and filling her badly aged face with Botox and Juvederm XC. Not only is this “Liquid Face Lift” a serious confidence booster, she feels it is important not to look her age in this tumultuous job market (but that is a whole other blog). She, like many other spa clients, had exhausted her efforts of anti-aging facials, peels and microderm treatments and was ready for a serious boost of beauty.

While there with my mom, Dr. Lamm told me in addition to his dermatology practice on Long Island, he has begun seeing clients at a popular day spa in Tribeca. He visits once a month to see the spa’s existing and new clients who want Botox, Juvederm, Restylane or “the works” – aka the Liquid Lift my mom gets. He explained this mutually beneficial arrangement with the spa allows him to expand his clientele, while the spa gets to offer top-notch injectable services that clients want.

This arrangement makes sense. When a client is ready for a dramatic and long-lasting boost of beauty – why should they leave the spa and go seek out a dermatologist, why lose that business? This type of working relationship benefits all parties.

  • Spa retains clients and keeps offerings current
  • Spa attracts new clients interested in fillers – but wary of Physician’s offices
  • Dermatologist and Spa share revenue from service
  • Dermatologist sees clients once a month – doesn’t pay rent for a second location
  • Clients get to have treatment in a comfortable environment they trust and know
  • Clients get to look drastically better, and still visit the spa for facials and treatments in between injections.
  • One-stop beauty for spa and esthetic clients

So how should you find a reputable dermatologist that will be a good fit for your business? Check with Allergan, They have a website that allows you to locate a certified Physician who performs injectables. Contact them and start a dialog! My advice, stick with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Sorry, but I would not take my mom to see a podiatrist that is certified to inject Botox! Dr. Lamm is located in Hicksville, NY – and specializes in creating natural looking (but astounding) effects with injectables.

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New York Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference Highlights

I was just looking through the Show Preview Guide for the NY IECSC Show March 9-11, 2014 and I

found some excellent spa business and wellness education classes worth mentioning.

On Monday, March 10, 2014, Bryan Durocher will be hosting two awesome classes day spas and medical spas should consider attending!

10:15am – 11:30am – Closing the Big Ticket Sales – How to Get Clients to Make a Serious Investment in Your Services. – Learn the keys to recommending and closing premium services and sales.

3:30pm-4:45pm – How to Hire People Who Upsell, Retail, Series Sell, and Pre-Book Your Clients. Find out how to hire the right people the first time around and discover key interview techniques to determine who is right for your business. If you have ever had the wrong person, you already know how valuable this advice could be!

These two education classes look very appealing to me and the Spa, Medical Spa and Wellness industries Pure Spa Direct serves. We know Spa and wellness professionals rely on IECSC for insightful guidance to grow their businesses and keep them at the forefront of their competitive industries. IECSC has 3 shows in 2014; New York, March 9-11, Las Vegas, June 21-23 and Florida, November 9-10.

For more information about Medical Spa Consulting visit Bryan Durocher’s website.

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Successul Hair Retail – Shower & Detangling Combs

Give your clients an invaluable and inexpensive tip for healthy hair. Using a wide tooth comb with conditioner in the shower can easily smooth out knots, snarls and snares better than a brush… and also with less damage and tearing of the hair. No more ripping, no more tugging, and less yanking also means more comfort for tender scalps. These combs are also excellent for distributing treatment products, oils, conditioner, mousse, & styling products to damp hair, out of the shower. In addition to a great retail product, these inexpensive combs make a great cross sell, promo or “free gift” with your Salon’s professional hair care products.

Knotty Girls LOVE Shower Combs!

Wholesale Comb Shop:
Salonchic Shower Combs in 36 ct Container:
Love the assorted colors and hooked end for easy hanging! Click and See:

Easy Glide Detangeler – Individually packaged (Wholesale Cost: .79 Cents). Click and See:

My favorite: Jumbo 14″ Rake Comb. Excellent for post shower comb out! Click and See:

Pure Spa Direct has hundreds of different comb styles. Check them all out here:

Excellent for GENTLE daily use on curly, fine and thick hair types. Great for kids too!

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Facial Massage Lotion with A Light Touch & Lemongrass, Tangerine Scent

Facial Massage Lotion needs
great glide & to be light on skin.

Someone brought me a sample of Biotone’s Facial Therapy Massage Creme the other day. I know that many estheticians call Pure Spa Direct inquiring about the “best lotion for facial massages”. I know personally that most clients like a light scent and light feel. I feel that unscented massage lotions smell unappealing. Without a scent in the cream, I can almost smell what the Esthetican had for lunch. Once hands heat up, scent pours out. If the scent is too Ayurvedic, some people are prone to headaches (I’m one of them too). So when I tried Biotone’s Facial Therapy Massage Creme, I was pleasantly surprised! It has a gentle, Tangerine and Lemongrass scent that is released during the massage that is beautiful. I don’t know how else to describe it other than it is reminiscent of some of my most expensive facials! The scent is as gentle as the lotion, and dissipates with absorption. This products has an amazing ingredients list of botanical extracts, light emollients & anti-oxidants. The texture of this lotion has great slip, but not drippy or pasty. Estheticians will certainly have excellent control over the facial contours and rhythmic massage, and clients won’t feel gooey, or congested by the texture. We have several types of Facial massage lotions at Pure Spa Direct, this one is definitively a favorite!

Biotone’s Facial Therapy Massage Creme Contains:
Botanical extracts of White Peach, Pineapple, Quince and Mango; Mandarin Extract, Biofirming Complex of CoQ10, Vitamins K and C; Essential Oils of Tangerine, Rosewood and Lemongrass; Paraben-Free
Firming actives and skin smoothing botanicals for facials, massage or leave-on moisturizer. Made with bio-firming complex of CoQ10, Vitamin K & Vitamin C.

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Oxygen Facial Equipment

A staple treatment in renowned spas, Oxygen Facials have clients and estheticians alike praising

The Fresh Face of
Oxygen Facials

the noticeable affects of these fresh air facials. Results include visible plumping, toning and youthful vigor.

Though there are skeptics that debate the efficacy of oxygen facials, clients that love them, love them LOYALLY. Here in New York City, estheticians are charging upwards of $600 for signature facials with oxygen. Seeing is believing; I have seen clients before and after Oxygen facial treatments and without a doubt, their skin literally glowed like a dewy twenty year old.

Pick up any beauty magazine and you will see famous celebs, Oscar Winners and Hollywood beauties linked to these facials like a cult practice. All the media exposure has clients inquiring about this service often. A local esthetican just told me she is adding an Oxygen Facial unit to her aesthetic business due to the overwhelming demand from clients who are in the know.

Are you looking for a selection of Oxygen Facial units to chose from for your business? Pure Spa Direct has a nice selection for your space and for your budget. Questions? Please feel free to call our customer service team 800.434.0018 – we are happy to assist you!

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Slick Stick then Stick It – Magnetic Up-Do Wrist Strap

If you have ever tried working with Bobbi pins in any capacity, you can appreciate the fact that

Updo Assistant — Pin it Good!

it is challenging to style an up-do or curl set while simultaneously rummaging through a bulk box of pins. After you have dipped, bent and contorted to grasp them — the hair has fallen or become loose. This is why I am totally thrilled to see the Wrist Strip Bobbi Pin Magnet for professional stylists. This is MUST for any stylists that works on up-do’s, pin curls or professional styling, because the pins stay right at your finger tips! Quick and organized access to pins means less moving, less messing and even more amazing styling effects. You will be the up-do MASTER!

The price is right too! Under $10 for professionals- You can’t afford NOT to have one.

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Pink Make-Up Sponge – The Ultimate Facial Blending Tool

Beauty Sponge for Blending
at an Unbeatable Price!

High quality cosmetic sponges are essential for flawlessly blending foundation into the skin. Whether you are trying to create a full make up look or a sweep of natural coverage, this ergoniomic beauty sponge helps base to “blend in” with complete precision and smoothness. Gentle texture leaves skin with an airbrushed effect that looks beautiful – not splotchy.

The pointed end is perfect for blending concealer and foundation into the tricky areas around the eyes and nose. The larger end is great for applying liquid make-up into cheeks, neck and forehead with consistent smoothness.

At such a great price, keep several handy for clients.

Pro Tip: For Salons / Make-up Artists that charge for professional make-up applications: let these clients keep this unique Cosmetic Blending Sponge after their appointment. I promise they will think of you every time they use it – and Glow Home Happy! A little token of client appreciation can go a long way!

Find it here:

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Pure Spa Direct – Assisting Project Managers & Corporate Promotion Agencies

Don’t Stress… Call PureSpa

Looking for bulk quantities for your marketing, GWP or promotional event? Don’t stress, Pure Spa Direct can help. Our global network of suppliers is impressive! For over two decades we have expanded our relationships with manufacturers and suppliers across the globe. These relationships allow us to match up projects, products and timelines with one of our vendor partners so you can reach your event deadline… even really tight ones!

Through the years we have been able to assist large event planners and promotional agencies in the procurement and fulfillment of specialty event items. Whether it’s private label tweezers, mirrors, salon capes, smocks, brushes, custom printed towels… any kind of beauty or spa marketing swag…. we have got people for that! Our exceptional Customer Service team is all about YOU. We take great pride in helping other businesses meet their commitments and in building long lasting relationships.

Confidentiality is key to us and our clients – we totally get that. Let us help you source bulk quantities of gift bag supplies, mirrors, tweezers, private label, promotional merchandise, trade show giveaway, beauty promos & so much more.

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Nail Trend: Caviar Manicures, Doug Gets One!

MIA Caviar beads, just after a few hours.

Here at Pure Spa, we are are always looking into new trends in the Salon, Nail, Massage and Day Spa markets. We are constantly seeking out new lines that can offer your business services and merchandise to help keep you on trend with what clients are looking for. Whether it’s an awesome new pedicure, facial or Massage, we know that staying current is an important aspect to retaining and attracting clients. So we were very intrigued to learn about the Caviar Manicure craze this summer and were considering bringing it on board to Pure Spa.

When our Caviar nail beads showed up for beta testing we ran into a glitch. All of our usual test subjects just had Shellac manicures, so the only person with a clean nail was Doug Dema in our Marketing department…poor Doug, I had to send an apology note to his wife. We were all so eager to try out the process, Doug allowed me to test out a few of his nails to evaluate the application process and the quality of the wear.

So the Caviar Bead Manicure process begins like any other manicure:

1) Clean and prep nail
2) Base coat
3) 2 Polish coats – one nail at a time
4) Now sprinkle on Caviar beads while nail by nail while polish is wet.
5) Pat beads carefully into nail, taking care to make sure the edges are fully covered.
6) After 10-15 drying (we did not use a lamp or dryer), Apply a clear top coat.

Doug Does Caviar –
And Not Very Well.

Without the top coat, the beads are not going to stay on for more than a few hours.

After applying a thick top coat, it took about 30-40 minutes for the nail to fully dry and the beads to feel “locked in” – again, we did not use a lamp or dryer.

After all this drying time, the manicure and the Caviar beads did hold up through several hand washings and Doug’s daily routine of banging stuff around, but after a few hours, beads starting falling off.

So what was the verdict? This is a cute trend but we felt it was a service that was too long to perform in light of it’s temporary results. It is on trend for the younger age groups, and with the time involved in doing it well, and doing it right – the price point for this manicure would need to be in the $45 range, which we feel may be too much. And at that price point, clients will want a manicure that lasts longer than a few days.

Alternatively, I have heard from some salons that are just adding the Caviar to one nail, like the ring finger. That sounds a bit more practical.

Shellac and Gelish manicures are still the number one trend of choice for our salon and spa shoppers!

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Sweaty Summer Smells Got Your Down?

Ewww… that smell
Can you smell that smell?

I walked over to my co-workers desk the other day and it smelled bad. I know he has exceptional hygiene, but it’s 108 degrees outside… freshness is nearly impossible on summer days like this. I figured my cubicle must smell pretty funky too, so I grabbed my Glade Tough Odors Solutions Air Sanitizing Spray to knock out the scents of summer.

With Oust technology, this hand little aerosol kills odor-causing airborne bacteria. It eliminates even the toughest pet, food, bathroom, mold and mildew odors while leaving a refreshing scent so the room smells fresh and clean.

I think this is great for spas and salons to keep around because tough odors pop up – and can leave a lasting impression. Be prepared.

Check out Pure Spa for a large selection of odor solutions.

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