2012 Summer Trend; NEON Nails – Polish Displays Available NOW!!

NEON – Do you offer it?

Your nail clients will want neon shades, and they will want them ALL! I walked into Sephora yesterday and in the center of the store was a newly erected display of neon polishes. This huge 360 display of bright and beautiful colors had shoppers of all ages mesmerized. The display was mobbed, and I was fighting my way through the crowd to see them for myself. These LOUD and obnoxious shades of summer were tempting and irresistible until one by one we all began to realize these trendy hues were selling at $14 each! Being that the popular trend is to use 2-3 different colors on each hand, this was turning people away. One woman commented, “I don’t need to buy $42 bucks of these polishes, I’ll just get a manicure – I am sure they have these colors at my salon!”. Well let’s hope so! I think it is wise for salons and spas to closely follow the trends set forth in media, fashion and big retail. Neon is trending, and you can’t escape it, it’s everywhere!! Thumbing through look books from Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Saks this week I spotted the neon trend in accessories, clothing, shoes, and nails!

So make sure your salon has a great selection of neons for your fashion forward clients. This 216 piece display from Color Club boasts a great price as well as a great selection of the top neon colors of the season, at a fabulous price. Your cost is approx. $1.62 each, low enough so that you can set the suggested retail price to be attractive to clients ($5 – $6) and still make a great profit. 18 great neon shades to choose from!

Available only to licensed beauty professionals at PureSpa.com!

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Bamboozling Blowouts – Curls Cost More

I love a professional blowout, and there are busy blow dry businesses popping up all over New York. I have tried a few of the latest blow dry hot spots in our area – but my results were varied. I have yet to find a place that “nailed it” just yet.

I needed a blowout yesterday for an important meeting and I really needed to make sure I got the right look. So I called to inquire how much my regular hair stylist charged for a blowout at my salon. The receptionist said, “Blowouts are $35”. My thinking was, that’s the same price as the blow dry bar down the street, so I might as well have my hair blown out with my beloved hair stylist – she knows exactly what I like. Booked it.

Salons Competing with
Blow Dry Biz’s, Should Know
That Curls Don’t Cost

So during my blowout, my hair stylist pin curled my shoulder length hair. I didn’t think much of it, that’s how she styles it after all my haircuts. After the entire head is pinned and dry, she takes down the curls, shakes them out and viola – glorious locks that last all day.

At check out I am handed a ticket for $45. I handed it back and said, “I had a blowout, this is not mine.” The salon receptionist furrowed her brow and said, “She used a curling iron on you, curls are $10 more.” WOA! I explained that the stylists did not use a curling iron, but she pinned it – (something I did not ask for). The receptionist asked me to wait for a moment while she checked with my stylist on the matter. The receptionist returned a few uncomfortable minutes later and said, “Nope – your stylist said pin curls are an extra $10, you owe $45 today for your blowout.” Now, I am at a quandary here. Clearly this is B.S.. Who do I address this matter with? I didn’t ask for curls (though I like them). Do I confront my stylists? She is already with another client? Do I make my case with the busy receptionists upfront and sour my reputation at this salon as a “difficult” customer? Do I stain my relationship with my favorite stylists in 10 years by confronting her in front of her next client? I didn’t have the energy to argue and I caved. I paid the extra $10, tipped her and left. Yet I was seething mad for the entire day – because this just wasn’t right, and I felt like a sucker who had been taken advantage of.

Take into consideration all of the blow dry businesses popping up. Most DO NOT charge extra for styling clients’ hair with curls or flat irons. It is absolutely part of the style – no matter what the length.

Either way, a petty stunt like this was in poor taste, and though I will spend $10 on almost anything, I don’t appreciate it being added to my bill so boldly – and without asking.

These curls cost this salon a customer.

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Mist Up Your Space with Serenity

I am obsessed with room sprays, linen sprays, plug-ins, candles, wax warmers – you name it.
Comforting scents deeply affect my mood, so I’m always infusing my space with fragrance.

Help Clients Get in Spa Mode.
Serenity Mist Promotes Well-Being.

The key to scenting your space and your business is to find an aroma that is pleasing and comforting to the majority of your clients. I have found that essential oil based fragrances tend to be among the most well received of scents as people take pause and say, “Ohhhhh… I love that!”. Versus some artificial fragrances that get varied, mixed reactions.

One of the best room and linen sprays I have tried is Biotone’s Aromatherapy Essential Oil Mist in Serenity Blend. Serenity mist contains 100% pure essential oils of Lavender, Mandarin, and Cedarwood. The refreshing natural scent is formulated for professional or home and adds a burst of aroma-therapeutic ambiance to the massage room, spa linens, home, car or office. This relaxing scent helps to promote a sense of well-being to mind, body, and spirit.

Try spraying this comforting scent in your body treatment rooms, private pedicure room, yoga room, waxing room or massage linens before a treatment. If your clients love it they can purchase it from your spa. Suggested Retail Price $22. Call PureSpa.com for your businesses wholesale price.

To me, this scent has that quintessential “spa smell” – it is very cozy and relaxing. If you love it, it is also available in an essential oil blend that can be added to massage oils and pedicure water. Make it your signature scent for your spa!

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Cold Clients? Make Sure Your Bed is Warm as Temperatures Drop!

To me, nothing can derail “spa mode” more than a cold treatment room and bed. Cold sheets, brisk

Cold Treatments?
Make Sure Your
Clients Stay Warm.

temperatures and cold hands on my skin can ruin a treatment experience. This is one of the reasons I NEVER book morning appointments in the Fall here in New York. Most Spa’s shut off their heaters overnight to save on electricity, inadvertently turning their treatment rooms, and all the lotions and gels into a deep freeze. It can take up to an hour to get temperatures regulated, and by that time I can’t see my breath in the room, the treatment has ended.

Pure Spa Direct has several kinds of table warmers and heated blankets to keep clients wrapped in toasty comfort. Also, keep your treatment lotions and gels at a cozy temperature for clients with our wide selection of Lotion Warmers.

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NEW! Eco Friendly, Dye Free, Scent Free Body Wax by Epillyss

Meet Freelyss from Epillyss.

Pimples after waxing?
Avoid them with Freelyss &
Epillyss Pre & Post
Wax Care

The third generation of wax is here. This NEW natural, colorless strip wax is manufactured specifically to provide a depilation without residue on the skin. Made with a natural resin and does not contain any dye, parabens or artificial fragrance – it meets the ecological requirements now in demand by eco-conscious day spas, salons and their clients.

Freelyss is a wax designed to meet the latest market trends. It is natural and manufactured specifically to provide a hair removal without leaving any residue behind on the skin and poses less risk of allergic reaction or pimples.

Freelyss Advantages :
• A competitive cost
• When combined with Epillyss Pre and Post are, product penetration is guaranteed as promised in slowing down hair growth
• Increase the range of your clientele by offering a new treatment

Results :
• Anexceptional depilation
• Significantly fewer post-depilatory reactions
• Allows a rapid and lasting reduction of hair
• Less risk of allergy and pimples
• Differentiate yourself from your competitors

• Reduces the risk of ingrown hairs & bad reaction
• Responds to requests for environmental treatment
• Help to reduce hair growth

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Prostitute For A Day – Spa Manicure and Pedicure Included

Package Includes Mani & Pedi at the spa9s
Nail Bar along with Diamond
Luxury Lift facials and Massages

It’s no joke, you can get hooked up, high class hooker style with the ultimate spa and shopping experience.

California’s Beverly Wilshire Hotel (the original set for the hit movie “Pretty Woman”) has the ultimate “Pretty Woman” movie fan package just for you.

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the film, guests can recreate scenes from the movie by purchasing packages costing up to $100,000. That price tag includes accommodations, luxurious spa treatments, a Rodeo Drive shopping spree, a picnic with a musical serenade. Want to know more, check out the article here: Consumerist

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Satin Smooth – Single Use Collagen Face Lift Mask

Honey can help absorb
impurities from the pores on the skin

Blended with wholesome ingredients of Milk ‘n Honey that exfoliate and hydrate the skin, this soothing mask performs double duty as it is also soaked in natural plant ingredients like aloe, milk protein, vitamin E, vitamin C, rose oil and marine-based collagen to boost skin’s firmness. Perfect add-on to any facial!

Suitable for all skin types and recommended for:
-dehydrated skin
-stressed skin
-Reduce age and sun spots

Ideal for for spa facials, express facials or add-on services.

Face Lift Mask Directions:
Cleanse skin
Remove Face Lift Mask from the packaging
Lie head back in a horizontal position
Apply bottom of Face Mask, then top of Face Mask covering the entire face. Relax, leaving Face Lift Mask on for 10 to 15 minutes. (Hand and foot massage can be performed at this time for client serenity and comfort.)
Remove mask, massage serum or ampoule of choice into skin. Do not rinse.

For enhanced results, use a Facial Steamer for 15 minutes prior to treatment. Steamer will open the pores to receive the natural nutrients and collagen in mask.

Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Algin, Sodium PCA, Aloe Leaf, Honey, Collagen, Milk Protien, Vintamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, Rosa Damascena Flower oil, Niacinamide, Benzyl Alcohol, Methylparaben.

Licensed Spa & Salon Pros– Buy it here: https://www.purespadirect.com/Milk-n-Honey-Ultimate-Face-Lift-Collagen-Mask-b-p/vw-133253.htm

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June Jacobs Hydrating Masque Review – Age Defying

In my 40’s, my skin has taken on multiple personalities. One day I am dripping oil, another it is dry, flaky and tight. I am always trying to find a product that can bring back the balance to my super sensitive skin without a breakout.

Packed with Potent
Anti-Oxidant & Moisture Rich
Ingredients to HUG skin.

Lately I have been using June Jacob’s Intensive Age Defying Hydrating Masque as a rescue treatment to help balance my skin beautifully.

So what makes this mask so special? Well it combines potent anti-oxidants like white, red and green tea extracts, goji berry, pomegranate and grapeseed to to neutralize free radicals and protect skin from environmental toxins that cause pre-mature aging..

What else sets this miracle mask apart?

Sterocare™ – A botanical complex composed of red clover extract and lecithin designed to improve the
thickness of the skin by compensating for the deprivation of estrogen as a result of menopause.

Red Clover Extract – Derived from the plant grown wild in Europe and North America, it is rich in isoflavones – biochanin, daidzein, formononetin and genistein, which protect by stimulating the production of skin9s structural components increasing firmness and elasticity.

Lecithin – Derived from a combination of naturally occurring phospholipids, found in wheat germ, grains and soybeans, it acts as a humectant to maintain the water content of the skin and attract moisture to the skin, helping to facilitate cell growth by lessening healing time and minimizing trans-epidermal water loss.

Kombuchka™ – I LOVE to drink Kombuchka! It is derived from the fermentation of sweet black tea, it is rich in organic acids and vitamin B, it improves overall skin quality and enhances skin radiance and color by restraining the “glycation” reaction allowing the skin to produce and use anti-oxidants.

Clients will LOVE
The way their skin
Looks & feels.

Dermolectine™ – A glycoprotein of plant origin with remarkable biological, “growth factor-like” properties. It stimulates fibroblasts providing a structural framework for elastin and collagen tissue to smooth wrinkles and help fight cutaneous aging.

Konjac Mannan – Also known as glucomannan, derived from the ground root of the tree which grows in southeast Africa and Asia, it acts as a humectant to maintain the water content of the skin and attract moisture to the skin creating volume in the skin9s appearance.

Sweet Almond Oil – Derived from almonds, it is rich in fatty acids, oleic and linoleic and vitamins A and E helping to soften and moisturize skin improving overall hydration.

This is an outstanding mask for ALL year treatment. It is available in professional size for esthetician back bar treatment and retail size, so clients can continue radiant looking skin at home.

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NEW! All-In-One Intensive Winter Hand Treatment by Satin Smooth

Winter takes a bite out of moisture, no matter how thick your gloves are! That’s why I am in love with these Moisturizing Treatment Gloves that are generously packed with of intensive lotion good for an restorative 20-minute hand treatment. Just one 20 minute treatment helps soothe rough, dry, chapped hands with shea butter, marine collagen, vitamin E, ginseng and rose flower extract. Clients will be impressed with noticeable improvement in moisture and youthfulness to dry hands.

An all-in-one moisturizing treatment for hands and feet that provide maximum moisture and softness. Convenient, easy to use and no mess. An easy, affordable add-on service to any facial, manicure or pedicure. Salon cost is only $3.49 each. All 24 hand treatments come in an attractive display and can be retailed for a suggested price of $7.00 .

Also available in a foot treatment! A great way to add an intensive 20-minute treatment to services. Moisturizes and helps soften cracked, dry skin with shea butter, peppermint, almond oil and vitamin E.

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