Make 2022 Your Most Organized Year Yet!

Organize your styling station with this convenient Appliance holder. This is a wonderful addition for any salon or stylist looking to minimize space. It provides ideal accessibility and functionality for stylists. Comes complete with 1 flat iron space, 1 dryer space, and 3 curling iron spaces. Also, it features a hammered tone powder-coated finish and heat resistant holster.

Every Styling Station needs one!


  • Three outlets 15 amp
  • Hammered tone powder coated finish
  • Heat resistant holster
  • 1 flat iron, 1 dryer, 3 curling irons

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New Year, New Salon Look!

New Year, New Salon Look!

Update your salon with the new Brentlee Sleek Backwash Unit. This modern backwash adds contemporary style to any salon! Ensure your clients are comfortable and relaxed…because let’s face it, everyone’s favorite part of a haircut is the shampoo!
  • UPC approved single lever faucet w/vacuum breaker.
  • Supports up to 450 lbs.
  • Tilting shampoo bowl.
  • Single lever only for footrest (seat back is non-reclinable).
  • Available with either a black or white bowl to match any salon
  • Shampoo bowl: 22″ x 21″ / Depth: 8″
  • Seat cushion depth: 17.5″
  • Arm to arm (outer): 25″
  • Arm to arm (inner): 19.5″
  • Footrest: 9″x 19.5″
  • Dimensions: 26″(L) x 48″(W) x 38″(H)

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New Magnifying Lamp by Daylight – Perfect For Your Spa or Salon!

The newest magnifying lamp in The Daylight Company‘s lineup is the perfect mag lamp for spas and salons! With a modern and aesthetically pleasing design, the MAG Lamp S is your ideal companion when carrying out detailed tasks or treatments. With 2 brightness levels, a 5″ glass lens, and an adjustable spring arm, you can position this magnifier exactly where you need it and choose the most suitable brightness setting for your task at hand. Ideal for spas, salons, podiatrists, and more!

This magnifying lamp is a great starter option for estheticians, lash technicians, nail technicians, tattoo artists, injectors, and more! You can now have the reliability of a Daylight lamp, without all the bells and whistles, for a fraction of the cost of some of their more advanced lights!


  • Modern and attractive slim design
  • 5″ glass lens with 3 dioptre (1.75X) magnification
  • Bright daylight LEDs
  • 2 brightness levels
  • Easily adjustable spring arm
  • Maximum reach 43″


  • Light source: LED
  • Lumens: 406
  • Lux at 6″: 5,300
  • Colour temperature: 6,000K
  • Energy consumption: 12W
  • Colour: White
  • LED rated life (hours): 50,000
  • 2 steps touch dimmer: 5,300 and
  • Lens diameter: 5″
  • Lens material: Glass
  • Magnification: 3 diopters (1.75X)

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Framar Pastel Switch Foil to Brighten Your Day

January here in New York is cold, windy, and dreary, and I keep finding myself looking at the gorgeous Framar Pastel Switch Foil just to cheer myself up!

Framar Pastel Switch foil rotates between a darling lilac foil and a charming mint foil. Stylists can use the patent-pending alternating pastel colors to keep track of highlights and lowlights or to create a full head of foils in dreamy pastels.

Available in pre-cut pop-up sheets or embossed 320′ roll – so however you prefer your foil, this pastel foil will work for you!

I can’t help but smile at these beauties, and I bet you can’t either!

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Grab these Gelish and Morgan Taylor Valentine’s Day Deals Before They are Gone!

Get your nail department Valentine’s Day ready with the new Gelish Dip and Morgan Taylor Valentine’s Day Deal packs! With beautiful, Valentine’s Day-inspired colors, these packs are a great value, too!

Gelish Dip Valentine’s Day Deal

$12.99 Deal Includes:

  • (1) Gelish Dip Liquid Frost (1.5 oz.)
  • (1) Gelish Dip Stilettos in the Snow (1.5 oz.)
  • (1) Gelish Black Empty Bag

Morgan Taylor Valentine’s Day Deal

$12.99 Deal Includes:

  • (1) Morgan Taylor React Base Coat (.5 oz.)
  • (1) Morgan Taylor React Top Coat (.5 oz.)
  • (1) Morgan Taylor Coming up Roses (.5 oz.)
  • (1) Morgan Taylor Purple Bag

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BACK IN STOCK! Black Backless Bras Available Now!

Back in Stock Alert!

Stock up now, before they are gone again! Disposable backless bras in Black are NOW AVAILABLE!

Disposable Backless Bra – Black – SMALL/MEDIUM / 100 Count

Disposable Backless Bra – Black – LARGE/XL / 100 Count

100 Count Black Bikinis are in stock now too!

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2022…The Year of the Comeback? CND Thinks So

CND is ringing in the New Year by…bringing back the old? Wait, is that right?

IT SURE IS! For the first incredible collection of 2022, CND has brought back some of their most popular colors in Shellac and Vinylux. We know clients have been searching high and low for some of these colors, so we are thrilled to be offering them again!

Scoop up your favorite comebacks while they last!

CND Shellac – Dynasty Fantasy Comeback Collection

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Upgrade Your Nail Drill Today so You Don’t Miss Out!

Nail services are booming these days, and with a variety of long-last manicure options, including gel polish, dip manicures, and even long-lasting polish options, nail techs are needing reliable and effective equipment more than ever.

Our most popular electric nail file is the perfect example – this unit is compact, strong, effective, and reliable! Ikonna X Portable Nail Drill is available in either Rose Gold or Unicorn Holographic to allow you to show some personality or match your salon.

Small, sleek, and powerful, the new X Portable Nail Drill is perfect for nail salons and manicurists on the


  • 35,000 rpm
  • Smooth and quiet Handpiece
  • Handpiece made in Japan
  • Forward / Reverse Switch
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Rechargeable 8-10 Hours Battery life
  • Acetone Resistant Control Box & Powder Dock
  • Illuminated Power Indicator
  • Compact & Light Weight
  • One year warranty
Grab yours today – don’t waste another minute using your old, clunky nail drill!

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Efficient Roll-on Waxing with Natural, Vegan Ingredients!

Are you a professional esthetician looking for the efficiency of Starpil‘s patented roll-on wax system, but also for soft wax with natural, vegan ingredients? We’ve got the solution in the Pure Vegan Roll-On Wax Kit.

Featuring Starpil’s Pure Vegan Roll-On Wax, which contains active, natural ingredients like shea butter, chamomile oil, and olive oil, this wax gives you the most effective wax possible – naturally. Additionally, this kit includes a Roll-On Wax Warmer, two sizes of waxing spatulas, and wax removal strips to ensure you have everything you need for a successful service. This kit also features Starpil’s Pure Vegan Pre & Post Wax Care Accessories, which ensure your skin will be properly exfoliated, hydrated, and protected from ingrown hairs or additional irritation.

This kit includes:

Starpil’s Pure Vegan Wax line is redefining waxing services everywhere by getting rid of animal products and unnatural ingredients to provide clients with the most antioxidant-packed, plant-based vegan wax experience possible.
Starpil’s vegan waxing products allow clients to have a guilt-free and natural waxing experience with a formula filled with active ingredients like shea butter, olive oil, sweet cotton oil, and chamomile to leave skin feeling hydrated, soothed and moisturized as no other wax will. This vegan wax for hair removal is ultra-pliable and able to spread thinly over any surface area, allowing for efficient and exemplary results on any skin or hair type. Suitable for full body use, this wax is tough on hair, but gentle with both you and the environment. Additionally, our Vegan roll-on wax is ideal for waxing larger bodily areas, removing 99% of targeted hair with just one pass.
With a natural vegan formula that can blow even regular wax formulas out of the water, there’s no question as to Pure Vegan’s capabilities in the hands of estheticians, students, and at-home users alike.
This collection features both our Pure Vegan Hard Wax Beads, Pure Vegan Roll-On Wax, Pure Vegan Pre Wax Gel, Pure Vegan Post Wax Lotion, and Pure Vegan Post Wax Oil to make sure that skin is taken care of from start to finish – naturally.
Browse the collection and try out Pure Vegan today!
What is vegan wax?
Vegan wax is a type of natural wax made with plant-based ingredients and free from any animal products, including beeswax. Vegan wax is a highly effective and natural alternative to traditional waxes and is applied and used in the same exact manner.
Is hair removal wax vegan?
Though not all hair removal waxes are vegan, more and more vegan wax alternatives are coming onto the market. Starpil’s Pure Vegan Wax Collection uses the highest quality active ingredients that provide users with the best plant-based vegan waxing experience possible.
Is Starpil Wax vegan?
Though Starpil has historically have developed non-vegan waxes, Starpil is now proud to offer our Pure Vegan Hard Wax Beads, Pure Vegan Roll On Wax, as well as several Pure Vegan Pre & Post Wax Care Accessories.

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Cozy, Toasty Client Robes

Now that winter is here, are you looking to keep your clients warm and cozy while they are relaxing at
your spa? Updating your robes to fluffy, plush robes will help you do just that!

Our favorite plush robe is the Unisex Super Soft Tahoe Microfleece Shawl Collar Robe! Experience the warmth and the softness with its ultra-soft micro-fleece inside and outside. This is luxury at its best!

Product Features:

  • Double belt loop for height adjustment
  • Belt included
  • Deep pockets
  • Hanger loop
  • 15 oz. per sq. yd. / 3 lb.
  • Available Sizes: One Size Fits Most
Our clients love white robes, but gray is incredibly trendy this year! Check them out today!

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