Help Your Fellow Beauty Industry Professionals in Need!

One of the best things about our industry is how inclusive it is. Beauty and the beauty industry crosses all boundaries, and our professionals look after each other. Each year, natural disasters impact the lives of our Professional friends across the country, and 2018 is no different.

Salon Professionals across the US have been severely impacted after Hurricane Florence and Michael this year, and the PBA Disaster Relief Fund is desperately in need of donations to assist them in their time of need.

The PBA Disaster Relief Fund was established in 1955 to assist salon professionals with quick cash for short-term needs after disaster strikes. It is a program of the PBA Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, and all donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. 100% of funds donated go directly to salon and beauty industry professionals.

There are 3 easy ways to donate and help a professional in their time of need!


Make checks or money orders payable to:
PBA Disaster Relief Fund
15825 N. 71st Street, Suite 100
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

        Call PBA toll-free: 800.468.2274 x3453

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        Time To Get Organized!

        The weather’s getting colder, and I’m sure you’re in the process of organizing your business for the busier season ahead. If you’re just starting with a new business venture, does it seem like you don’t even know where to get started? You’ve come to the right place! Did you know that we also carry office supplies and products for organizing here at Pure Spa Direct? We have everything from appointment books to storage units. I’m sure you can find something useful on our site to soothe at least some of your stress when in comes to organizing, which I’m sure can be overwhelming! Check out some of my suggestions below.

        I know what you’re thinking! With computers and organizational software, who would ever think of hand writing in a book in 2015? I must say, there is something about writing things down that will help you remember instead of typing it out. Computers crash, and wouldn’t you hate to keep a client waiting until your computer restarts in the midst of a crash to book her next appointment? Our appointment books have been rather popular lately! You may want to consider purchasing one, even if it’s just for emergency computer situations!

        My latest favorite! The beloved SpaScriptive Pad. Ah, finally… something you will actually NEED to write down for your clients. Hand these pads out to your staff, and I guarantee they will thank you for being a thoughtful spa owner! This pad is a great way to increase revenue after every treatment. It communicates to clients that post treatment follow-up care at home and in the spa is important for maximizing the benefits of the spa experience. Your staff can also write down product suggestions. Such a simple, yet effective tool for greatly increasing your profits. Who ever would have thought?

        Are you tired of seeing your staff on their phone all day? Increase staff productivity and keep your business organized with these adorable cell phone storage units! We also sell lockers, for both your staff and clients.

        Be sure to check out the Wellness Office Supplies section on our site, and call us to help you organize all of your business needs!

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        Happy Halloween From the Pure Spa Direct Team!

        Our team at Pure Spa Direct are experts – not only in assisting you find the perfect furniture, equipment, products, and supplies for your business – but also in having fun while doing it! Check out some highlights from our Halloween Costume Party 2015!

        We hope everyone has a SCARY GOOD Halloween! Be safe!

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        Just In Time to Stock Up for Holiday Retail: Cuccio Naturale Butter Babies Display Towers in 6 Delicious Scents!

        Ah, the holidays. A time for giving – and receiving. This is a great time of year to rehaul your retail offerings, and add new, exciting, point-of-purchase items to sell to your clients. Small items under $10 each are great little buys for your clients – they work well as stocking stuffers and last-minute gift items.

        The perfectly packaged, luxurious, and deliciously scented Cuccio Naturale Butter Babies, in their convenient display towers, are great retail options to add to your selection. The Display Towers are perfect to display on your reception counter to encourage those last-minute impulse purchases!

        Cuccio Naturale Butter Babies

        • Non-oily, intense hydrating treatment
        • Moisturizes and adds vital nutrients
        • Great to use after exfoliating

        Available in 6 Great Scents:

        • Papaya & Guava
        • Pomegranate & Fig
        • Tuscan Citrus Herb
        • Vanilla Bean & Sugar
        • Milk & Honey
        • Lemongrass & Lavender

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        Don’t Be Shy!

        Need a quick answer? Looking for a quote? Want to learn about any of our 80,000 products? Come chat with us!

        Pure Spa Direct is now featuring LiveChat directly on our website. I love this new feature! It allows us to connect on a much easier, faster level. Client love to just “Pop In” for a quick look to see whats new, or to check on an existing order without having to pick up the phone. Technology at its best!

        What questions do YOU have for us today?

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        License To….Buy with Pure Spa Direct! Why We Require a License to Purchase With Us

        It seems that we have been receiving a lot of questions regarding Pure Spa Direct‘s policy on requiring a professional or business license to purchase with us lately. As our loyal clients know and understand, we are a supplier of professional furniture, equipment, products, and supplies for the beauty industry, and we sell at wholesale pricing.

        Who/What Constitutes a “Licensed Professional or Business?”

        According to our terms and conditions:

        • Salon & Spa Owners
        • Estheticians
        • Cosmetologists
        • Massage Therapists
        • Hair Colorists / Stylists
        • Dermatologists
        • Nail Technicians
        • Medical & Dental Spas
        • Beauty Retailers / Apocatheries / Boutiques – evaluated on a case by case basis
        If you feel your business fits within our scope, I urge you to reach out to us – we always want to help our potential clients! Give us a call, drop us an email, or chat with us online. Let us get to know you and your business, and we will be happy to evaluate your fit!

        But Why Does Pure Spa Direct Require a License?
        First and foremost, we are selling professional products, many of which require training and licensure to use/perform on clients. The equipment we offer is not for at-home use, and the products we sell are for professional use.

        In addition, we also sell retail products at WHOLESALE prices. This is so our clients (spas, salons, retailers, etc.) can retail these products to expand/complete their client’s experience with their business. They sell these products at retail prices. If we sold to unlicensed clients, they would be able to come directly to us for these products, cutting out their spa and their profit – which is exactly what we do NOT want to do! We are here to help our clients grow their businesses!

        Bottom Line
        Pure Spa Direct has spent more than a decade building our client base by offering a massive selection of exciting, trendy, and reliable products. We love our clients and want to make the purchasing process as simple as possible. If you do not have your license handy when placing your first order – reach out to us! Our team has resources available that make it easy to find licenses in many states. If you are unsure your business or certification falls within our scope – contact us – we are here to help! We are always looking to build and expand relationships with our clients. However, please keep in mind – if you are not licensed, and provide fictitious information, your order will be cancelled, and up to a $25 service fee will be charged to the credit card used to place the order.

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        Get Those Toes Beach Ready with Voesh Coco Colada Oasis!

        Spring Has (Almost) Sprung, and that means Voesh Coco Colada Oasis scent is BACK! This tropical scent is perfect for your spring and summer services. The product is a four-step treatment made with rich, creamy coconut extract that restores moisture and revives dry skin, keeping it fresh and soft. The pedicure service will relax senses with happy, exotic notes, leaving clients feeling as though they are on a vacation.

        If you haven’t tried Voesh’s signature Pedi-in-a-Box products yet, now is the time! These convenient, hygienic, effective pedicure products are the ideal pedicure products. Pre-packaged in single-use pouches, there are pedi-in-a-box options for basic, deluxe, and ultimate pedicures, allowing you to offer various levels of pedicures, while meticulously maintaining your stock, tracking your costs, and ensuring consistency for each and every client.

        Basic Pedi-in-a-Box: 3-Step Pedicure Includes:
        Step 1: Scrub
        Step 2: Mud Masque
        Step 3: Massage Lotion

        Deluxe Pedi-in-a-Box 4-Step Pedicure Includes:
        Step 1: Sea Salt Soak
        Step 2: Scrub
        Step 3: Mud Masque
        Step 4: Massage Lotion

        Ultimate Pedi-in-a-Box 6-Step Pedicure Includes:
        Step 1: Sea Salt Soak
        Step 2: Sugar Scrub
        Step 3: Mud Mask
        Step 4: Massage Lotion
        Step 5: Callus Remover
        Step 6: Finishing Moisturizer

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        Pumpkin Season Continues!

        Just Because Halloween is over doesn’t mean pumpkins can’t stick around! To prove it, we just got in Therabath Paraffin Refill in a delicious new Fall scent – Pumpkin Cupcake. Umm, yummy! Savor what’s left of Fall before the upcoming winter months with this lovely new scent. If your Vanilla cupcake refill is popular among your clients, I guarantee this will take the cake (literally)! Infused with clove leaf and orange essential oils, this sweet and spicy paraffin will warm your clients right up.

        Speaking of seasons and changes – when was the last time you upgraded your paraffin warmer? When you’re ready to purchase the Pumpkin Cupcake Paraffin (be sure to do so fast – our pumpkin supply seems to run out quickly!), make sure you browse our paraffin warmers before you checkout! It will be exciting to have a shiny new warmer to put your new pumpkin paraffin in 🙂

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        Happy Penguins (and even Happier Clients)!

        I was super excited to see that our best selling retail brush – the infamous Wet Brush – just got a whole lot cuter! How adorable is the new Happy Penguin print on these brushes? Whether you admit to it or not, the colder months are ahead, so why not stock your salon with this new arctic chill print?

        What exactly makes these brushes one of the hottest selling salon items out there, you ask?! Aside from working well on wet hair, they also detangle hair with ease using the adaptive flexibility of IntelliFlex. The bristles one them are super thin, strong and very flexible. This completely eliminates tugging, tearing, pulling and ripping…your clients will be happier than the happiest penguin on the print 🙂 A bit cheesy, I know, but they are just too cute! Okay okay, aside from the adorable print, what’s the selling point? Other than being the best selling brush we have, you can increase your business profits from the 9 piece retail display for nearly double the amount of your wholesale cost. Happy Penguins, Happier Clients.. but you’ll be the happiest of them all knowing this! Get them today here at Pure Spa Direct before they sell out, since I know we tend to sell these brushes fast!

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