Comfort, Strength, Reliability: TouchAmerica Stationary MultiPro Table

Offer comfort and reliability with the TouchAmerica Stationary MultiPro Table! This versatile table is ideal for massage, facials, waxing, medispa treatments, and more.

The Stationary MultiPro is one of TouchAmerica’s most versatile tables – renowned for its value, durability, and ease of use. This table has a beautiful, natural maple wood appearance, sealed with environmentally safe, water-based lacquers.

The classic design emphasizes strength and dependability which the table has been delivering for more than twenty years. The four-section top adjusts smoothly using lockable gas springs (easily activated by triggers on the table frame.) The base can be adjusted for an overall table height between 24″-33.” If style, function, and longevity drive your table needs, then the Stationary MultiPro is the table for you.

Standard Features:

  • Solidly constructed of solid wood and wood veneers, available in maple finish
  • Adjustable back and leg sections operated by trigger-release, lockable gas springs
  • Adjustable maple legs allow a height range of 24″ to 33″
  • Sturdy, built-in storage shelf
  • Environmentally-safe urethane vinyl with enhanced resistance to bacteria, fungus, and moisture, as well as skin oils
  • Round upholstered corners
  • Working surface: 31″ by 72″
  • 9″ Leg Recess
  • Static weight capacity 1000 pounds
  • Long-life 4″ triple-wrap foam
  • Insertion points at both ends of tabletop for accessories

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Keep Your Employees Comfortable and Happy!

Provide your manicure and pedicure technicians with ultimate comfort! Performing manicure after
manicure, pedicure after pedicure, and service after service can be hard on your technicians. They will be more comfortable and more effective if they have comfortable seating to offer their services from!

The M Technician Stool by J&A USA is plush both in the seat and back to make work time more comfortable. It9s covered in durable leather and set on a handy swivel base. Designed for maximum comfort and featuring solid metal legs, the M Technician Chair is our modern interpretation of efficiency, with a wide seat and strong back to relieve lower back pressure!


  • Available in Black, Burgundy, Chocolate, or Taupe.
  • Trendy Design Technician Stool Features extra firm back support and seat cushion.
  • High-density foam for improved elasticity for extra firm back support and seat cushion.
  • Adjustable height lever and silent easy roll caster.
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


  • Overall Dimension: 19″W x 23″D
  • Choice of Manicure or Pedicure Height:
  • Height Adjustment (Low/Pedicure): 13″ to 16″
  • Height Adjustment (High/Manicure): 16″ to 22″
  • Weight: 18 lbs

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Eco-Friendly Retail In Time for Summer: Stream2Sea Suncreens for Face & Body

When looking for retail products to offer your clients, do you look to performance? Value? Social responsibility? Pure Spa Direct has a great retail line that will check all of those boxes – especially with Summer just around the corner!

Stream2Sea are high-performance, broad-spectrum, and mineral-based sunscreens for the face and body.

Although sunscreen protects your skin from UV damage, it doesn’t protect the coral reefs; many mainstream sunscreen formulas contain chemical ingredients that are harmful to aquatic life, which they are exposed to when your sunscreen wears off in the water.

Stream2Sea has created an eco-friendly, biodegradable formula with all-natural ingredients to give your skin the UV protection it needs without harming our beloved coral reef.

Available Formulas and Sizes:

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SolarSpeed Spray Refill – 32 oz

Everyone’s favorite nail drying spray – CND SolarSpeed Spray – is now available from Pure Spa Direct in a convenient 32 oz refill size! Never run out again!

SOLARSPEED SPRAY® gives nails and cuticles a quick shot of nutrients. Vitamin E and sweet almond oil create a nourishing blend – with a yummy almond scent. Sets nail polish in seconds, making it a must-have for manicures. Shaves 5 minutes off manicures – those minutes are precious!

Grab yours today, and keep your clients happy!

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Create Zen in Your Spa

Bring a sense of wonder and mystery to your decor with this beautiful Authentic East Asian Herbal Medicine Apothecary Chest!

This fine-quality oriental medicine chest is handcrafted in an original 19th century Japanese / Korean design. The 16 miniature drawers are both a practical solution to storing collections of small kits and jewelry as well as a delightfully zen-like interior design accent. Its small depth means it will not impede foot traffic in narrow spaces such as a hallway, landing, or bath.

This is a beautiful piece that can provide functional storage as well as make a statement in your spa!


  • Classic 16 drawer oriental apothecary chest
  • Less than a foot deep, perfect against any wall
  • Beautifully grained dark walnut stain wood finish
  • East Asian style brass butterfly hasp & hardware
  • Traditional Japanese design cantilevered top
  • Includes lucky brass fish lock & key

Available Sizes:

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Rusk VG-10 Shears for Low-Stress Cutting

Few names are as trusted as RUSK in the hair community, and for good reason. Now, RUSK has released their new VG-10 shears to help you take your skills to the next level.

RUSK ® introduces their new VG-10 shears, with an advanced ergonomic design, a 360-degree rotating thumb, and a crane handle design.

RUSK® has always set the standard in hair design for the professional industry when it comes to revolutionary cutting techniques, with signature avant-garde chunky and disconnected looks or a more classic velvety finish. As always, the right tools are essential for creating a specific look, so RUSK became pioneers in developing texturizing shears for the professional stylist, improving and updating them periodically to keep up with the latest cutting trends.

The latest generation of VG-10 shears features a rotating thumb to allow stylists to cut vertically or diagonally with a low-stress elbow down position, while the open grip reduces hand and wrist pressure, leaving the hand in a relaxed position

Materials are as important as the design, and VG-10 steel is considered the platinum of steel, as it maintains its sharpness and durability, in addition to being 100% corrosion resistant.

The new RUSK VG-10 comes in four spiffy models for all your cutting needs:

  1. VG-10 alpha shear – the optimum width tooth designer, perfect for weave cutting, texturing, separating and dimension. For all hair types.
  2. VG-10 beta shear – a weave cutting and thinning shear, designed specifically to create control and texture for thicker coarser, curlier hair types.
  3. VG-10 gamma shear – the perfect thinning shear, with teeth slightly wider apart than conventional thinning shears for a more velvety texture.
  4. VG- 10 delta 5″ and VG-10 delta 5.5″ shears – when you9re looking for a sharper cutting angle than a traditional beveled blade

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Rose Strip Wax by Harley Waxing UK – Ideal for Full Body Waxing!

It is that time of year – everyone is realizing they are going to be bearing skin soon! What does that mean? Body waxing, all day. Are you ready for your clients?

If you are trying to pack in as many clients as you can, having a strong, reliable wax is key! And if you are waxing large areas, speed waxing will be your friend!
What waxes are best for speed waxing? Soft wax that spreads thinly and evenly! But you can’t compromise quality, because you need to remove all the hairs – even those tiny, stubborn ones – in 1 shot. Otherwise, you are not making the process any quicker for yourself!

There are a number of great waxes out there for speed waxing, but one of our most popular is the Harley Waxing UKRose Strip Wax / Titanium Dioxide Formula. Titanium Dioxide waxes are a new generation of professional waxes able to satisfy even the most demanding application requirements. It gives the depilatory wax a particular softness and is smooth to apply. Suitable for use also on very sensitive areas and skins.

The Harley Rose Strip Wax considerably reduces adhesion of the wax onto the skin subsequently ensuring a soft and gentle pull-off strip removal. We recommend the Harley Rose Soft Wax and Hard Wax for all those cases where the skin is dehydrated, dry, and particularly sensitive skins.
With a delicate aroma of a country garden, Rose Soft Wax will embrace the waxing experience. This wax is formulated to grip only the hair and not the skin.
Ideal for the larger wax area such as the legs, back, chest, and arms.

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Organic Tan with Norvell: Ultra Vivid Color Cosmo

Offer luxurious tans with Norvell! Its tanning season again, and after the last two years…people want to look and feel good about themselves again! Tanning is the ideal confidence booster, and you can offer your clients the perfect color with Norvell’s Ultra Vivid Color Cosmo Airbrush Solution!

Norvell’s newest handheld solution contains Norvell’s most innovative, proprietary mix of bronzers. This solution utilizes micro-nutrient technology to deliver a spray tan filled with a potent blend of vitamins and antioxidants for a perfect boost to your client’s color.

Fragrance: Vanilla Summer

A NATURALLY-DERIVED AND ORGANIC, LAVISH TAN! Cosmo is developed by the #1 Professional Brand in the industry. Give an immediate VIVID tan that will last up to 1 week with Cosmo Spray Tan Solution. Cosmo has warm brown with cool violet undertones to give a deep lavish tan, inspired by the Vegas lifestyle.


  • This combination of botanicals is a powerful dose of antioxidants that help protect and renew the skin for a long, lasting tan.
  • Watermelon to help improve the appearance of skin and reduce redness
  • Cranberry to help combat free radicals and moisturize skin
  • Tomato to help prevent signs of aging and revive the skin’s glow

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Brazilian Calendula Hard Wax by Hairway

Just in! ResinĂ© By HAIRAWAY® Brazilian Calendula Hard Wax is a dream to work with! Gentle on the skin, easy to use, effective at removing hair – this hard wax is top-notch!

Brazilian Calendula Hard Wax applies thin, stays flexible, doesn’t get brittle, and dries much quicker than your standard hard wax. We have added Calendula known as Mary’s Gold for the golden orange sun radiance that the Calendula Flower essence imparts with its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It moisturizes, soothes, and reduces the painful aspect of waxing. With its antiseptic, antifungal, and antimicrobial action it speeds up healing and reduces any irritation to the skin. 35 oz. bag.

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Luxury Table Spotlight: Silhouet-Tone Nevada Treatment Table

Luxury and refinement embodied. The Silhout-Tone Nevada Premium Treatment table is a top-of-the-line table ideal for facials, massage, IPL, laser hair removal, body treatments, and more!

With a new polylac finish for its frame, available in a variety of six colors, the Nevada Premium is perfect for facial and body care treatments, hair removal, massaging, and more. Sturdy, this table is highly stable, resting on four columns, one on each side The Nevada Premium features a crossbar for safety allowing to go up and down by using a foot pedal that keeps the therapist’s hands free, preserving the contact with the client during the treatment. The Nevada Premium provides storage space for your supplies and may be ordered with a drawer or two. It also offers a great storage area for your towel warmer.

Thrill your clients with the luxury they deserve, and upgrade your table today!

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