Cold Feet? Not Anymore!

The cold is on everyone’s minds with this unusually cold spurt that is happening throughout much of the United States.

For sensitive clients or those like myself who have consistently cold feet, the Cold Feet Formula by Footlogix is a game changer! Proven to stimulate circulation, clients will notice an increase in warmth!


  • Non-occlusive mousse formula is absorbed immediately & leaves no greasy residue
  • Clothing can be worn right after application: Just Apply & Go!
  • Fragrance, oil and alcohol-free
  • Ideal for Diabetics & sensitive skin
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Not tested on animals

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Spa Trends – Experience Halotherapy in 15 Ton Salt Room

Salt Therapy

There is a great article in the February issue of Day Spa Magazine about the benefits of Halotherapy. What does the word Halotherapy mean? The word “halo” is derived from the Greek halos, meaning “salt”. Halotherapy means “salt therapy”; a therapeutic treatment for everything from

asthma to acne, and it’s been used for treating ailments for centuries.

Learn more about how The Williamsburg Salt Spa is using their salt room, containing 15 tons of Polish and Himalayan salts to bring healthy benefits to their clients. Trend Watch: The Halo Effect by Day Spa Magazine

Love natural Himalayan Salt? We do too! offers a great selection of wholesale Himalayan lamps, diffusers, fire bowls, and candles made from pure Himalayan salt.

Check out our selection here:

Himalayan Lamps & Accessories
Himalayan Oils and Massage Stones

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Fall In Love With Color – Essie Fall 2013 Is Here!

The phone lines have been buzzing and salons are asking for cases of Essie’s new Fall 2013 polish collection. These charming, flattering shades for autumn are in high demand, as it seems many clients are already getting “Fall fever” these last few days. These colors are so fun, they offer a lively, fall variety that can be paired with the perfect chunky sweater or cozy cardigan hoodie!

Love the name & the color!
Get’s an A

This limited-edition collection is all about variety.

The shades include…

After School Boy Blazer: Deep, midnight blue cream (my favorites) – deep, ink blue – almost looks black).
For The Twill of It: Multi-dimensional flashes of green, brown, purple and gold
Vested Interest: Sea foam green
Twin Sweater Set: Classic Red . “Red Bottom” stilettos come to mind
The Lace Is On: Glittery fuchsia
Cashmere Bathrobe: Glittery Grey

I know at 2 Long Island nail salons I have visited in the last 3 weeks, I was told that For The Twill of It” is the most requested color for fingers and toes. Either way – this collection is super hot for back to school 2013 and I expect your clients will be requesting them!

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Employee Headaches? We Have the Remedy!

Are your employees giving you a headache? Is the hustle-bustle, ding dong ding, fa-la-la-la-la of the holidays just making your head split? Or maybe your clients are cringing every time the bell over your door tinkles….whatever the reason, ’tis the season for headaches.

Well, now you can stop being the Grinch, and start being as chipper as an Elf! Stock up on these handy, sanitary, single-dose pain relievers, and save the day from those pesky headaches! We have a wide variety of pain-relief products, including Tylenol, Advil, Aleve, and Excedrin. Your employees and clients will see you as a life-saver when you provide them with relief. Help boost employee productivity and client satisfaction….and give yourself a little relief as well.

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DURI for Durability!

Say good-bye to weak nails! For stronger, longer nails, think Duri! Duri’s Rejuvacote Nail Growth Treatment aka “the nail doctor” is just what your natural nail clients need. It can be used as a base and top coat, or whenever needed to cure split, cracked and weak nails. Its hard to walk into a nail salon without seeing each nail tech have Duri on their table. The reason why? Because it really works! Duri doesn’t promise results, they gurantee them!

As a troubled nail biter, I’m constantly searching for products that will help break the habit. After 2 weeks of using Rejuvacote, my nails are now too stong to bite….not kidding!

Help your client’s nails–>Offer Rejuvacote Nail Growth Treatment as an add-on service or retail it with Rejuvacote 0.61 oz. / 12 Pack by Duri Cosmetics.

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Give Us a Booty Call… I Mean Call Us and Ask About The New Sizes of Eco-Fin Herbal Booties!

Aching feet appreciate the soft and relaxing Herbal Booties during an Eco-Fin treatment. Special herbs reduce swelling and muscle pain. This is a truly serene experience puts the whole body at ease.

Lavender, valerian root, white willow, chamomile, rosemary, peppermint, spearmint, hops, yellow dock, lemongrass, cinnamon, yarrow, premium flax seeds, and other natural materials

Available in Three Sizes:

  • Regular: Fits up to Women9s Size 10 – Click Here
  • XL: Fits Men’s Sizes 10-12.5 and Women’s Size’s 9 and Up – Click Here
  • XXL: Fits Men;’s Sizes 12.5-16 – Click Here

Usage: Retains warmth during Eco-Fin treatments.

Benefits: Twelve fragrant herbs provide a total aromatherapy experience while relaxing over-used muscles.


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Autumn…When Every Leaf is a Flower

Trees changing colors, a chill in the air, pumpkins and apples galore! We may still be in the first week of August, however, it is officially time to start planning and preparing for your Autumn Services. The good news is that the team here at Pure Spa has all of the information you need for unique and a-peel-ing services.

In the Spring and Summer months, a simple, yet sublime addition to any manicure, pedicure or hydrotherapy service is the addition of fresh flower petals. During the Fall Season, you can provide a fun and luxurious twist on the classic by sprinkling in Aqua Leaves by Cuccio Naturale.

Available in Cuccio’s signature scents, including Papaya Green Tea, Milk & Honey, Tuscan Citrus and Pomegranate & Fig, these charming leaves are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also help to moisturize and cleanse the skin. Each package comes with 6 individual discs. Each disc includes:

  • 2 Large Moisturizing Leaves
  • A handful of Small Cleansing and Deodorizing Leaves
  • 1 Large Effervescent Tablet
The cost for each 6-Pack is just under $12, so your cost per service is only $2 – $4! Click HERE to see the Cuccio Naturale Aqua Leaves and Click HERE to see all of the Cuccio products!

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Wax Spotlight: Miss Cire

Miss Cire is taking the waxing industry by storm! After trying some options, I have found my new favorite!

Drumroll, please…

Miss Cire Besame Mucho

Besides an adorable name, this clear hypoallergenic wax is simply fabulous!

Besame Mucho is a film hard wax is specifically formulated for sensitive skin. It is made from synthetic rosins, allowing effective and clean removal of the hair with no irritation. It has a velvety texture, and it dries fast for speed waxing.

Its low temperature provides an even and steady melting and is virtually painless! Well, as painless as waxing can be.

Interested in Miss Cire? Take a look! You will not be disappointed!

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Summer Skin Getting Clients Down?

Many of our clients have been seeing an increase of skin issues stemming from increased sun/wind exposure from their outdoor Summer activities. If you’re clients are experiencing similar issues with sunburn, windburn or simply dehydrated skin, take a look at the Ginseng Nourishing Soft Mask by Endear Skin Solutions.

Ginseng extracts have been shown to be beneficial to sunburned, rough skin caused by ultraviolet exposure, dehydrated, and mature skin. It revitalizes dull skin, providing hydration and moisture. Its nourishing effects minimize fine lines and wrinkles, making the skin appear young and fresh.

Available in individual treatment packs for easy inventory control as well as bulk packs if you like to stock up!

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Original Intensive Tint – Orange Box… Made in Germany… IN STOCK NOW at Pure Spa Direct!

Need we say more? Check it out today!

ORIGINAL Intensive Tint – Orange Box / Made in Germany:

NEW Intensive Tint – White Box / Made in the USA:

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