New Massage Tables at Great Prices

Just added! Sierra Comfort Massage tables!

Sierra Comfort was founded on the determination to provide an industry of massage experts with the equipment and accessories needed to support a diverse profession. While staying committed to quality construction and safety, they have expanded our focus to include the most affordable, light-weight, and convenient products.

Adjustable 4-Section Electric Lift Massage Table

This table offers ease of use and exceptional comfort to your valued clients. The motorized scissor-leg-design allows you to raise and lower your patient to preferred elevations with a simple tap of the lift pedal. Its pneumatic adjustable backrest and leg sections glide up and down providing countless ways to position your clients comfortably for a variety of treatments.

This is constructed from sturdy iron, ensuring professional strength. It is covered with a soft, durable, oil and waterproof, PU-leather upholstery. The wheels lock and unlock to allow for ease of portability and stationing. The table is equipped with a fully adjustable face cradle and removable arm shelf to further cater to your client9s needs.


  • SC-3002 Electric Lift Massage Table
  • Ergonomic Headrest
  • Ergonomic Face Pillow with Memory Foam
  • Hanging Arm Shelf
Sierra Comfort offers an assortment of massage tables, depending on the functions you are looking for. Try them, you will not be disappointed!

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Get Your Calendars Ready

The New Year is here! Time to get all your new calendars ready to schedule appoints.

Calendars are a great tool to stay organized. Whether it’s a large calendar to keep by the reception desk or a small one to keep your own personal notes, calendars just make your day easier.

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Body Scrub – Sugar or Spice?

When it comes to the body scrub, there are tons of options out there! What is best for your clients? Of course, both options serve the same purpose, exfoliation! The main difference is the size of the particles.

Sugar scrub is smaller in size and therefore is much more gentle on the skin, making them ideal for clients with sensitive skin, and are preferable to use on the face.

Biotone Sugar Body Polish – Café Brulée / 1 Gallon
Decadent aromas of a creamy cup of coffee invigorate while natural exfoliants of Fine Ground Coffee make this the perfect body polish. Pure cane sugar and nature9s gentle buffers sweep away dry skin while it nourishes and conditions. With a rich, buttery feel it can be used daily to keep skin looking dewy soft and silky smooth.

Sugar Scrub – Vanilla Lemongrass / 128 oz. by Amber Products
The scrub effectively prepares skin to absorb vital nutrients from masques and serums. The warm, sweet, and mild aroma of Vanilla Lemongrass will lift your spirits!

Salt has larger granules and is strong enough for rough skin. Salt is chock full of vitamins and minerals, depending on the type of salt used. It also has antiseptic properties and works in detoxifying the body.

Exfoliating Salt Glow – Geranium Sage / 128 oz. by Amber Products
An effective formula designed to remove dead skin cells and soften the skin. By exfoliating and renewing skin, Salt Glow helps to prepare for Masque and Serum application allowing for more effective nutrient absorption. Dead Sea Salts blended with ultra-hydrating oils and pure essential oils. Creates an intense exfoliation for the entire body. Relax and mentally balance with this fresh, uplifting scent of Geranium Sage!

Salt Glow helps draw the toxins from the body and increases skin blood circulation, promoting the growth of new skin cells.

Soothing Touch Vanilla Herbal Salt Scrub / 2 Gallon
Discover the nourishing power of pure herbal infusions as your client’s skin is gently exfoliated with this elevating Vanilla Salt Scrub. Your client will enjoy a balancing aromatherapy treatment with the captivating, warm and sensuous fragrance of vanilla.

Removes dead skin cells and improve circulation while leaving the skin clean, soft, and revitalized.
Contains sea salts, herbal extracts, and a blend of Ayurvedic oils.

Basically, a scrub is extremely effective and important for exfoliation. Help your clients maintain their healthy skin, routinely. Scrub type is a personal preference. My suggestion is to have a variety available and make a decision depending on your client’s skin type. Want to see more options? Click here!

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Are You Ready for Pumpkin Time?

Offer your clients a seasonal scrub with the Pumpkin Spice Body Scrub, featuring Pumpkin Spice (and everything Nice) by Keyano Aromatics! Your clients will love this luxurious service!

Pumpkin Spice Body Scrub Treatment Protocol
The Pumpkin Spice Body Scrub Wrap contains shea butter, grape seed as well as a large variety of phytonutrients with anti-oxidant properties including; vitamins, phenols, carotenoids, and flavonoids. Sun-damaged and dehydrated skin is particularly suited to this treatment.

Treatment Time: 1 Hour

Items Needed For Treatment:
Blanket, Sheet, Thermal Plastic Wrap, Pumpkin Spice Scrub, Pumpkin Spice Butter Cream.

Treatment Steps:
Step 1: Prepare the table with a blanket, sheet & towel.
Step 2: Pour 1 1/2 oz. of Pumpkin Spice Butter Cream in a bowl and keep warm.
Step 3: Escort client to the treatment table and have them lie face down and cover with a towel.
Step 4: Pour 2 oz. of Pumpkin Spice Scrub in a bowl. Begin at the feet, moisten area prior to applying Pumpkin Spice Scrub with a fast circular motion up the entire back of the body until skin feels smooth. Have client turn over & repeat procedure. Continue with the entire body always in the direction of the heart. The abdomen area is applied in a clockwise circular motion. Escort client to shower. While the client is in the shower put a plastic sheet on the table. If a shower is not available use wet warm towels to remove scrub
Step 5: Escort client back to the table lying face down, apply warm Pumpkin Spice Butter Cream liberally to the back. Have the client roll over and continue to apply to the rest of the body. Do not apply to the bottom of the feet in case the client has to leave the table. Only use one hand for application and apply as quickly as possible so the client will not become cold.
Optional: Perform a massage using the Pumpkin Spice Butter Cream rather than wrapping the client.
Step 6: Wrap client in plastic wrap & cover with sheet and blanket. Keep client as warm as possible.
Step 7: Time for 20 minutes. Perform a relaxing scalp massage while the client is resting. This treatment can also be done in a shorter time frame by just applying Pumpkin Spice Butter Cream following the scrub as opposed to leaving the cream on for 20 minutes.
Step 8: Unwrap and massage remaining cream that has not been absorbed.
Step 9: Have the client rest and drink plenty of water.

When your clients want to extend their relaxation, offer them Pumpkin Spice candles, butter cream, or massage oil to bring home!

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Boost Your Treatment Revenue with Effective Add-On Services

Add-on services can be extremely profitable for businesses of any type! Knowing your clients, your therapists, and your market is key. Simple, interesting, and effective is a good way to go!

Simple Add-On Ideas

  • Anti-aging hand mask during a facial treatment – apply a mask to the hands when you apply a mask to the face. At the end of the facial, remove the hand mask, briefly massage any leftover product into the hands. Simple and effective, since hands reveal age quickly!
  • Eco-Fin Paraffin Alternative treatment – a great complement to almost any service! If you have your Eco-Fin liners ready to go in your hot towel cabi, your technician will not add any more than 30 seconds to apply them to the hands or the feet, and maybe 2 minutes at the end of the service to remove and massage in any leftover product! Your clients will feel warm, relaxed, and their hands or feet will be incredibly hydrated!
Interesting Add-On Ideas
  • LED Light Therapy – this is a great way to boost your facial results! Whether you use a handheld unit or invest in a stand-alone unit, LED can be added on to so many treatments! The equipment will quickly pay for itself!
  • Herbal Infusion – Diffuse vitamins, botanicals, or even toners using a Lucas Championniere Atomizer to personalize any face or body treatment. An infusion of beneficial ingredients is always a welcome addition!
Effective Add-On Ideas
  • Peppermint Foot Scrub – this is a lovely finishing touch to massages, body wraps, or detox scrubs! A client favorite in the summer, help your clients soothe their hot and aching feet in under 10 minutes!
  • When performing lash services, rather than under-eye papers, offer your clients an upgrade with Collagen Under Eye Masks! They will reduce the appearance of puffiness and fine lines, without any additional work!
When creating your menu, consider what services can be done in a short amount of time and really pack a punch, and offer them at a discount when added on to other services! Your techs won’t take up too much time performing them, but you can really increase each service value.
What are your favorite add-on treatments?

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The Mummy Returns? No! Gauze Masks from Intrinsics for Facials are Flying Out the Door!

Get ya Intrinsics Essential Face Gauze Masks Here!! These masks were really moving this week. If you don’t own a salon or spa they can be used as a mummy costume for Halloween. … why? I have no idea… I’m just a shipping guy! See our great Intrinsics Face Gauze Masks HERE!

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SHUT THE FRONT DOOR… Noel Asmar Stainless Steel Pedi Bowls for 1/2 Off… Only $90!!

Yes, it is true. Noel Asmar Stainless Steel Pedi Bowls for 1/2 Off… Only $90… while supplies last!

Modern stainless pedicure bowls designed with a flat base for a comfortable foot soak. The epiphany of hygienic… This stainless bowl ties in beautifully with various decor.
– Inside diameter measures 16″
– Base diameter is 13″
– Bowl is 8″ deep
– 1.25″ wide lip makes it easier to carry! – Can hold up to 3.69 gallons.

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Mask Spotlight- Red Red Wine

Red, red wine, makes the skin so fine!

Check out Prosana Red Wine Collagen Mask.

This mask is good for all skin, especially targeted for anti-aging.

Red wine resveratrol targets signs of aging such as environmental damage, fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity. Marine collagen, growth factors, and other beneficial ingredients instantly hydrate to keep skin looking healthy, vibrant, and youthful.

Makes a perfect mask for transitioning to fall! Don’t miss out, try this amazing mask today.

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How Do You Get Out of a Hairy Situation? A Rubber Hair Broom, of Course!

Salons and spas struggle with the challenge of cleaning up hair. You hate it and your clients get totally grossed out by it, but it is tough to clean up. Vacuums are too loud to use when clients are around and traditional brooms get all mucked up with hair, are tough to clean and take time to dry when you wash them (and smell when they are wet!).

Such a simple problem, but it seems like there is not a simple solution…WRONG! Pure Spa carries a Rubber Broom With Telescopic Handle by Scalpmaster that is the perfect solution! It has soft, durable rubber bristles that are perfect for hard to reach areas and crevices. The telescopic handle extends from 29″ to 50-1/2″, so you can adjust to your desired length. It rinses off easily and the rubber head dries fast… and it is inexpensive! Get one (ore more) today and get yourself out of a hairy situation fast!
Check ‘Em Out Here:

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The Dream Apron For Denim Lovers!

For all of you denim lovers out there, we just got in a brand new Denim Apron from Betty Dain! I’m a huge fan of fashion combined with function. This lovely salon apron is perfect for that! It is composed of 100% cotton denim with contrast stitching. It even features adjustable leatherette straps in a crisscross design on the back that helps to relieve neck fatigue! With 2 chest pockets and 2 large waist pockets, there is plenty of room for ample storage. Not a fan of denim? No problem! We have all different style to choose from. Be sure to view all of our salon aprons here!

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