Tiny Tool, Big Profit! Tweezerman No Mess Mascara Guard

Are you looking for a great little retail item for your clients? The new Tweezerman No Mess Mascara Guard is the perfect Point-of-purchase item to offer!

This sleek, black design made of silicone rubber protects mascara from getting on skin or disturbing freshly applied make-up for both lower and upper lashes. Everyone has trouble with mascara application – now you will be your client’s hero for helping them out! Who knew such a tiny little implement could be so powerful?

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Lounge in Luxury!

Imagine yourself relaxing by the pool at a luxurious resort… would you rather be annoyed by your hard-to-place, falling towel or would you want to be lounging on a soft, plush surface? …Obviously we all know the answer to that question. Boca Terry knows exactly what you need to offer your clients that feel of luxury. Boca Terry Lounge Chair Covers will give your clients a more relaxed and enjoyable feel as they are lounging poolside. There will be no worries about falling towels with the elasticized pull-over top. Another great perk to these lounge covers is that they are a universal fit! Meaning they will fit just about any chair! These Boca Terry Lounge Chair Covers come in Ecru or White and also have a White velour option.

Your clients will relax all day in comfort with these lounge chair covers!

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Post Wax.. Take Your Pick

Have you heard about Italwax?

They have a rich assortment for professionals to pick the perfect wax and waxing products for their clients. With a variety of choices, I am finding everyone has a personal preference. What is yours?

The ItalWax lotion is based on natural vegetable oils and used hair removal. It carefully removes any wax residues, soothes and moisturizes the skin. They make a great retail product!

ItalWax After-Wax Treatments are available in:

  • Orange -has a slight cooling effect, and leaves the skin refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Mint– soothes the skin after hair removal, leaving a feeling of freshness and smoothness. Menthol reduces painful reactions and reduces inflammation by lowering the local temperature.
  • Lemon– has a tonic and antiseptic properties. Protects, moisturizes, and soothes the skin with a refreshing scent. Lemon extract contains citric, malic and ascorbic acid. Rich with vitamins A, B, P, C and essential oils.
  • Azulene– easily removes wax residues after depilation, absorbs immediately but does not create an oily effect on the skin.
  • Argan– Delicate and light lotion easily removes wax residue after depilation, dries quickly, does not leave a greasy feeling on the skin. It helps to regenerate the skin cells, improves skin elasticity.
  • Cooling Gel– fights bacteria, helps to repair broken skin and reduces swelling. It can be used both before soft waxing procedures and hard waxing procedures as well.
  • White Orchid– contributes to slowing down the hair growth in an active stage. Hair becomes weaker and thinner. Rich natural oils complex nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

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Change How You Drink Your Water!

Say hello to the coolest water bottle I’ve ever seen! VitaJuwel water bottles were a huge hit last week. It’s no wonder with the awesome stones at the bottom of a sleek bottle. The wands are pretty cool too!… why? I have no idea… I’m just a shipping guy! See our great VitaJuwel selection HERE!

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Offer Your Clients Amazingly Expressive Eyes

Clients can’t get enough of lash treatments these days, and topping the popularity list is lash perming! Offer your clients amazingly expressive eyes with Refectocil‘s Lash Curl!

RefectoCil Eyelash Curl comes in a cool, water-repellent bag that offers additional space. The glue has also been optimized, its new glass package guarantees maximum product quality and shelf-life.

RefectoCil Eyelash curl opens the eyes and lets them appear bigger due to the upward swing. Therefore the look becomes warmer, more pleasant and approachable in every situation. The application is incredibly easy and the effect long lasting, up to six weeks. Thanks to the ingredients collagen and cysteine, the eyelashes are nurtured while being curled. The gentle formula makes the application even for fine lashes possible.


  • Perfect curl for any lash length
  • Lasts up to 6 weeks
  • Simple application
  • Nourishing formula
  • For an even more intense effect, tint the lashes after curling. In this case, the application time is reduced to only two minutes.


  • 2 x tubes lash perm 3.5 mL.
  • 2 x tubes neutralizer 3.5 mL.
  • 1 x bottle glue 4 mL.
  • 1 x rosewood stick
  • 2 x mini-cosmetic dishes
  • 2 x cosmetic brushes
  • 18 eyelash rollers per size S, M, L, XL

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Manicure Up Charges – How Much is That $1 Costing You?

I have seen it over and over again… nail salons nickel-and-diming clients for silly things like “a drop” of quick dry or a drop of callous or cuticle remover.

About two years ago, I had a fancy $60 Spa Pedicure at a local salon. At the end, the nail tech asks if I would like dry drops. I said,”sure!”. After a few invisible pinches from the dropper she says, “that was $1 extra”. I nearly fell out of my pedicure chair, you could have knocked me over with a feather! I am blessed to be able to afford a $60 pedicure once and a while, but adding $1 to an already expensive service was infuriating to me!! I am already paying the highest price point on the menu, (their pedicures started at $17), so why bang me out for one more buck? For whatever reason – this just pissed me off to no end. I told the nail tech and the owner I thought that their whole nail dry-drop-racket was in poor taste. They were totally unphased. That event left me feeling uneasy with their business practices, and I vowed not to return. Later that year I noticed they were out of business. I wondered as I passed the “For Lease” sign, how many other patrons felt like I did?

Charging for Dry Drops is TACKY!
Either don’t offer them or include
Them in the cost of the service.

I decided to bring this topic up because I was just speaking with an associate who recently had her own, “The $1 that broke the bank” moment at a local salon. She was not only bamboozled by $1 add-ons, but she also paid for a Shellac Gel Manicure and noticed all the polish components they used were of a generic brand – and not CND. I also have noticed this $1 add-on topic was mentioned on several of the Yelp.com reviews about various nail salons. All the reviewers giving these salons only 1 – 2 stars because they felt the staff was ‘too pushy’ with ‘silly up-sells’ that they felt should been included for client comfort. People don’t like to feel hustled.

If your salon or spa has cost factored that offering clients dry drops is a profit center or fixed cost, INCORPORATE IT INTO YOUR SERVICE PRICE. If the advertised price of my Spa Pedicure was $61, and it included dry drops, I would have continued going to that salon.

Cutting your costs with generic brands and stacking $1 add-ons is not going to save your business… but it will turn off your clients. And it looks to me like they will Yelp you too!

Don’t get me wrong; add-ons can equal booming profits for your business, but not when you are charging for basic creature comforts and commodities. If you want to add profits to your bottom line, opt for retail options or beneficial add on treatments like:

Nail Retail Products
Natural & Hygienic Paraffin Treatments
Intensive Hand Treatments

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High Quality Storage

Need some help with your storage space? I am loving the look of the TS-4 Tall Trolley Utility Cart by Equipro!

It features a minimalistic style and has a clean white finish, to fit in with any decor. The cart has 4 large shelves and ample closed storage, and it rolls from room to room on 4 casters.

Perfect for hot cabi, equipment, and product storage!

Another favorite of mine, with a completely different look, is Multi-Purpose Designer Trolley by Living Earth Crafts!

The trolley was created to provide discrete storage and convenient access for both a hot stone warmer and hot towel cabi. No other trolley on the market today offers the performance features that come standard on this remarkable piece of equipment: beautiful, handcrafted hardwood cabinets, a slides-forward-from-back top!

Herculiner internal coating to protect against heat and steam, an internal PowerPort management system to power equipment from your trolley and eliminate cord clutter.

Available in custom tops, stains, and with international voltage, the Multi-Purpose Designer Trolley provides versatility in both function and design.

Standard Features:

  • Top slides forward from the back for access to top compartment
  • Mock front top drawer
  • Herculiner coating in top and center compartments protects against heat and steam
  • Pocket door opening to hot towel cabi center compartment
  • Heavy-duty locking casters

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Luxurious Comfort for Massage Clients of ALL Shapes and Sizes!

Earthlite9s new Infinity Conforma™ was designed
to meet the natural contours of the body

The newest table in Earthlite’s vast massage table offering is possibly their most innovative table to date: The Infinity Conforma™ table.

This table is designed to comfortably fit clients of all sizes, without the hassle of removable breast inserts. It meets the natural contours of the body, providing additional breast support and spinal alignment for clients who need it, and providing this support is as easy as 1-2-ZIP!

In this creative design, the specially-designed flex panels are zipper-activated – simply unzip the top upholstery to provide additional support as necessary, and zip it back up for a traditional cushion feel. That’s it!

Distinctive Design and Features:

  • Tapered infinity shape provides greater client access and unique look.
  • Vacuum formed10-layer laminate beams provide a super-strong Jointless™ shape.
  • 3”, 3-layer, Pro-Plush™ Deluxe cushioning system on table with proprietary Conforma Memory Foam alcoves in stomach and chest area
  • Buttery soft, yet eco-friendly Natursoft™ upholstery.
  • Stitched Fit™ upholstery for a greater working surface.
  • Zipper-released flex panels enable Conforma™ breast technology
  • Memory foam insets provide unsurpassed breast comfort
  • Patented Conforma™ technology improves spinal alignment
  • Infinity™ hourglass design offers superior therapist access
  • Hand-upholstered in the U.S.A with luxurious 3” Pro-Plush™ Deluxe cushioning and Natursoft™ upholstery
  • Made in USA with components sourced globally

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Sports Massage Add-On: For Muscle and Joint Support

Kneipp is a top European brand specializing in preservative-free, vegan, aromatheraputic products made from plant-based functional ingredients. The effective naturopathic studies of the health pioneer and “water doctor” Sebastian Kneipp laid the foundation in 1891 for the development of the Kneipp brand. Today, Kneipp continues its heritage by providing meticulously crafted body, bathing and skin products that nourish, beautify, and invigorate the skin from head to toe! They make phenonemal
products to be used in service, and for retail.

Kneipp Intensive Cream – Joint & Muscle – Arnica

When used with massage, it can help to revitalize with botanical ingredients to help ease discomfort and stiffness. Great for your active client’s, or those who overdid it! Arnica blossom and plant oil pamper and hydrate the skin, making it the perfect choice for targeted muscle massage. Vegan. Free of paraffin, silicone, mineral oils, and animal testing. Dermatologist tested and recommended.

Also available in Professional Pack!

When your clients love this treatment, suggest similar products for retail, great for home use.

My personal favorite is the Mineral Bath Salt for Joints & Muscles, it is simply amazing!

Add to a warm bath for a steamy aromatic treatment, or use hot towel compresses, to help soothe overworked bodies and minds. Free of paraffin, silicone, mineral oils, and animal testing. Dermatologist tested and recommended.

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Fall Scents We Love: Cinnamon!

Aside from smelling amazingly delicious, cinnamon has a plethora of health and beauty benefits! It’s great for healthy skin, and overall wellness. Now that it’s Fall, I’m sure you are changing up your spa’s menu, and incorporating new scents and services for your clients. Cinnamon is definitely a popular Fall scent I’m sure most (if not, all!) your clients love! It’s warming, and it’s pleasant scent offers relaxing and refreshing properties. When cinnamon is used in aromatherapy diffused, or even applied topically, it can have health-promoting effects! Not sure where to start? Here are some ways to use cinnamon leaf essential oil at your spa:

Facial Scrub: Mix it with cinnamon sugar and coconut oil (or any oil your client prefers) to create a rejuvenating scrub that smells amazing!

Foot Soak: Mix a drop of cinnamon oil in a bucket of warm water that your clients can soak their feet in during pedicure services! This will also feel super refreshing.

Aromatherapy: During your massage or facial services, simply drop cinnamon oil into any of our diffusers to make the room smell amazing. The scent will most certainly keep your clients relaxed during their treatment.

Happy Fall!

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