Pumpkin Season Continues!

Just Because Halloween is over doesn’t mean pumpkins can’t stick around! To prove it, we just got in Therabath Paraffin Refill in a delicious new Fall scent – Pumpkin Cupcake. Umm, yummy! Savor what’s left of Fall before the upcoming winter months with this lovely new scent. If your Vanilla cupcake refill is popular among your clients, I guarantee this will take the cake (literally)! Infused with clove leaf and orange essential oils, this sweet and spicy paraffin will warm your clients right up.

Speaking of seasons and changes – when was the last time you upgraded your paraffin warmer? When you’re ready to purchase the Pumpkin Cupcake Paraffin (be sure to do so fast – our pumpkin supply seems to run out quickly!), make sure you browse our paraffin warmers before you checkout! It will be exciting to have a shiny new warmer to put your new pumpkin paraffin in ­čÖé

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Happy Penguins (and even Happier Clients)!

I was super excited to see that our best selling retail brush – the infamous Wet Brush – just got a whole lot cuter! How adorable is the new Happy Penguin print on these brushes? Whether you admit to it or not, the colder months are ahead, so why not stock your salon with this new arctic chill print?

What exactly makes these brushes one of the hottest selling salon items out there, you ask?! Aside from working well on wet hair, they also detangle hair with ease using the adaptive flexibility of IntelliFlex. The bristles one them are super thin, strong and very flexible. This completely eliminates tugging, tearing, pulling and ripping…your clients will be happier than the happiest penguin on the print ­čÖé A bit cheesy, I know, but they are just too cute! Okay okay, aside from the adorable print, what’s the selling point? Other than being the best selling brush we have, you can increase your business profits from the 9 piece retail display for nearly double the amount of your wholesale cost. Happy Penguins, Happier Clients.. but you’ll be the happiest of them all knowing this! Get them today here at Pure Spa Direct before they sell out, since I know we tend to sell these brushes fast!

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New Arrivals! CND Holiday Collection

CND Holiday Collection 2020 is here in both Shellac and Vinylux. With beautiful, festive holiday colors, you’re going to want the whole collection, I guarantee it!

Give your clients a superior service with the Shellac Brand 14 Day Nail Color system. Featuring a base coat, color coat, and topcoat – and the exclusive CND LED Lamp – the Shellac Brand system works together like no other to deliver two weeks of high-performance wear with no nail damage.

CND Shellac Cocktail Couture Holiday 2020 Collection

Cocktail Couture Pop Display Includes:

  • (2) CND Shellac Devil Red
  • (2) CND Shellac Bordeaux Babe
  • (2) CND Shellac How Merlot
  • (2) CND Shellac Drama Queen
  • (2) CND Shellac Get That Gold
  • (2) CND Shellac She’s A Gem!
  • (2) CND Express 5 Top Coats
  • (2) CND Shellac Base Coats

Vinylux Weekly Polish system includes a self-adhering color coat that eliminates the need for a base coat. Use with Vinylux Weekly Top Coat for week-long wear that dries quickly. 7-day, chip-resistant wear, fast-drying, 2 step application. Brilliant shine that lasts. Increased durability with natural light.

Vinylux Cocktail Couture Pop Display Includes:
  • (2) CND Vinylux Red Devil
  • (2) CND Vinylux Bordeaux Baby
  • (2) CND Vinylux How Merlot
  • (2) CND Vinylux Drama Queen
  • (2) CND Vinylux Get That Gold
  • (2) CND Vinylux She’s A Gem!
  • (2) Long Wear Top Coat, 0.5 fl. oz.

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Gelish…The Gel Manicure that’s getting everyone Jealous!

What has been missing from the manicure world??

Gelish…..The product that every nail tech needs to know about!

By now, I am sure that every nail technician has heard of the gel manicure and most of you have probably even heard of Nail Harmony9s Gelish, but how much do you really know about the Gelish products? Gelish isn9t like every other gel manicure on the market. What sets Gelish apart from other gel manicures is how it is formulated.

Gelish is a pigmented gel whereas other gel manicures are lacquer/hybrids. In simpler terms, this means you will never have to shake a nail polish bottle again! Ever have a client complain that there favorite color looks a little different this time then the last time they got it? Gelish will make that question completely disappear! The reason that makes all this possible is because a pigmented gel means the color of the polish is always going to be the same, causing consistency bottle to bottle, application to application. Being that Gelish is a pigmented gel also means that you will be providing your customers with a product that lasts longer, won9t deplete or damage their nails, and will give them the strong nails they always wanted.

How Will Gelish benefit you, The Nail Tech:

  • With Gelish9s proven performance, your business will expand like never before.
  • No girl left behind! With 48 colors and 48 more coming in soon there is a color for everyone, every age.
  • Gelish will attract a whole new clientele that you haven9t been able to reach with other products, including girls that have never gotten manicures before.
  • With 20-30 seconds cure time, you can do more manicures a day then you ever thought possible which will increase your profits.
  • No more smudged nails which means no more wasting time fixing a smudged nail.
  • From French manicures to multi-colored glittered manicures, Gelish will allow you to provide clients with a variety of options.
  • When placing a Gelish order with Pure Spa Direct we will help do the advertising for you! Each order will contain a Shelf Talker at no additional charge.

Why your clients will fall in love Gelish:

  • Clients will finally be able to have a long lasting manicure, up to 21 days of perfectly polished nails!
  • Clients will have piece of mind before vacationing, finally their manicure will make it past the plane ride.
  • Clients will be given the opportunity to have fun with the variety and options Gelish will offer them. Something for every occasion – all year long!
  • Clients will feel confident in knowing that they can have a long lasting manicure that protects the nails instead of depleting or damaging the nails.

Your clients will appreciate not having to get a manicure every week, and a happy client makes a happy business & referrals!

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Hair Loss in Women: Time to Embrace and Solve This Devastating Issue

Female hair thinning and hair loss is a topic that is very near and dear to my heart, yet is still considered by many to be too shameful and taboo to talk about. As a culture, we all too often view womanhood as defined by how a woman chooses to wear her hair, whether it be long, medium, short or shaved. All of those previously mentioned styles are a choice, however, when a woman is robbed of her hair due to a multitude of factors, including stress, genetics or illness, the emotional toll can be devastating.

How does this pertain to you, a licensed professional in the beauty industry? You can take this issue from being taboo to being embraced and resolved by helping your clients address it, no pun intended, head-on. I personally have been experiencing hair thinning and hair loss around my crown and at my front side part since I was 24. The issue was not addressed until, one day, my hair stylist asked me how I styled my hair. From there the conversation expanded to him acknowledging the areas of thinning hair and offering suggestions about how I should wear my hair back, what brushes to use, etc.

You can take it a step further for your salon and spa clients by offering services that are specifically designed to stimulate the scalp and promote hair growth. Please see below for some products that have been shown to help and prevent Hair Thinning and Baldness.

1. Boar Bristle Brushes

  • A common cause of hair thinning and hair loss is sebum buildup on the scalp which clogs the follicles and prevents new, strong hair from growing in. Boar Bristles are excellent because they stimulate the scalp and evenly distribute the natural scalp sebum without damaging the hair shaft.
  • These brushes are an easy-sell retail item for all of your clients, especially those with thinning and/or balding hair. You can also use this brush during the treatment to demonstrate to your client how invigorating yet gentle it is.
  • Naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, this antioxidant is best for your clients whose hair is thinning due to chemical treatments and processes, such as coloring, highlighting, perming and straightening.
  • This can be used on its own during a scalp massage, or in conjunction with essential oils.
  • Jojoba Oil is not actually an oil, but rather, a wax ester. This is important because it mimics sebum (human skin oil) and has been shown to trick our skin into not producing excess sebum.
  • Most importantly, jojoba oil disintegrates crusted sebum buildup on the scalp, which clogs follicles and causes hair loss.
  • The ingredient is the perfect carrier oil. You can use this during scalp massages and scalp kneading, plus you can retail it for your clients to use at home.
  • This essential oil has been used to treat skin problems since Ancient Rome and it still is shown to work today. Studies show that Rosemary Oil stimulates blood flow to the scalp, thus invogorating hair follicles and encouraging hair growth.
  • This oil has also been shown to treat an assortment of scalp issues, including dandruff, itching and flaking.
  • The best way to apply this product is to mix with a carrier oil, such as Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil, or Olive Oil and massage into your client’s scalp.
While female hair loss will never be completely eradicated, by offering services that target these issues, you can help you clients on a physical and emotional level, all while securing their long-term patronage.

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Quick, Long-Lasting Gel Manicures with the New Geláze 2 in 1 Gel Polish System from China Glaze!

I have always loved all of the China Glaze colors and collections, but I am addicted to gel polish manicures! So, I was super excited to see that China Glaze has come out with a 2 in 1 Gel Polish System! The great thing about this system is that the base coat is built right into the color, which saves a lot of time when performing the service for your clients. All you need is the Gel├íze Top Coat and an LED or UV Lamp. China Glaze Gel├íze Gel-n-Base in One comes in 49 shades of color-matched gel perfection to complement China Glaze’s top 49 selling lacquers. Gel├íze delivers chip-free nails and spectacular shine and your client will love how quickly you can give them their desired long-lasting manicure!


  • Prep: Perform a dry manicure. Then remove shine from the natural nail with a buffer.
  • Gel-n-Base in One: Apply a thin coat of Gel-n-Base in One gel polish and cure 30 seconds under LED lamp or 2 minutes under UV lamp. Repeat the process for a second coat.
  • Gelaze Gel Top Coat: Apply a thin coat of Gelaze Gel Top Coat and cure 30 seconds under LED lamp or 2 minutes under UV lamp.
  • Cleanse: After Top Coat application, wipe cured nails Gelaze Pre-Soaked Gel Cleanser Pad to remove sticky gel residue.


  • Prep: With a nail file, break the seal of the gel nail.
  • Saturate: Saturate Gelaze Professional Gel and Nail Polish Remover Wrap with Gelaze Gel Remover.
  • Wrap: Wrap securely around nail. Allow to penetrate for 10 minutes.
  • Remover: Use an orangewood stick or a cuticle pusher to gently loosen and remove gel.

The process is simple and just like a regular gel polish manicure, however your cutting out one step (applying and curing the base coat), which gives you more time for more client appointments!

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Just Sisal While You Work!

No, I did not spell “whistle” wrong, I am writing about Sisal!

What is Sisal? According to Wikipedia:

“Sisal (Agave sisalana) is an agave that yields a stiff fibre traditionally used in making twine, rope and also dartboards. The term may refer either to the plant or the fibre, depending on context. It is sometimes incorrectly referred to as sisal hemp because hemp was for centuries a major source for fibre, so other fibres were sometimes named after it.”

You might be asking yourself, OK Doug, what do Agave plant ropes have to do with spas/salons? Well, it turns out that Sisal fibers are ALSO used to make a variety of exfoliation products… sponges, soap sacks, mitts, gloves, pads, brushes and more!

Sisal is used for deep exfoliation and massage of the skin, and it is frequently used dry. This type of rough exfoliation may take some getting used to, but it is a good way to slough off dead skin and reveal fresher, softer skin underneath. Sisal is also very commonly used wet, in the shower (in a standard shower or during a Vichy Shower treatment), for slightly more gentle exfoliation.

Whether the Sisal is used wet or dry, it is best to begin with a gentle scrubbing until the skin becomes more used to the exfoliation of the sisal bristles, and then more pressure can be applied for a deeper exfoliating massage.Sisal can be used on the back as well as other rough places, such as the knees or feet, or even all over the body for a full-body exfoliating treatment.Sisal should not be used on more sensitive areas like the face.

Because theSisal may also be able to improve circulation, some recommend always brushing in a circular motion, toward the heart. One may use a sisal brush every day, once a week, or as needed… any use can provide skin benefits!

So remember, if you offer exfoliation treatments or are looking for great retail items for home use… “Just Sisal While You Work!”

See Pure Spa Direct’s Sisal Offerings Here:

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Improve Circulation This Winter with Arnica

Poor circulation is common during the cold winter months, and I’m sure many of your clients complain about it this time of year. Are you looking for more ways to take this common complaint into consideration at your spa this winter? While the average massage service can most certainly help, you can take it one step further by incorporating the herb arnica into your massage treatments. According to a recent article I read, arnica works with the body9s own system and helps to dispose of waste as well as increase circulation. In order for your clients to receive the maximum benefit from arnica, all you need to do is apply a small amount, about one or two drops of concentrated oil, to the desired area, followed by massage with your favorite cream. We have arnica oil here at Pure Spa Direct, as well as massage creams! Click here to browse our arnica collection, and help keep your clients’ circulation balanced this winter!

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Keep Those Pedicure Spas Clean!

Everyone is hyper-focused on cleanliness currently – as we should be! How are you keeping your pedicure spas clean, though? It is summertime, many salons and spas are now reopened after being closed for months, and clients are dying for pedicures.

You can provide your clients with the peace of mind that your pedicure spas are sparkling clean by using OPI Spa Complete One-Step EPA-Registered Disinfectant. This one-Step Cleaner and Disinfectant for Hard Surfaces, Implements, and Pedicure Equipment OPI Spa Complete is a one-step hospital and EPA-registered disinfectant and cleaner in one that is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses, fungus, mold & mildew and their odors. It delivers non-acid, pipe-safe cleaning and disinfecting performance in an economical concentrate.
COVID-19 is caused by SARS-CoV-2. OPI Spa Complete kills similar viruses and therefore can be used against SARS-CoV-2 when used in accordance with the directions for use against Norovirus on hard, non-porous surfaces.
  • Cleans and disinfects
  • Multi-tasking concentrate eliminates the need for other cleaners and disinfectants.
  • Broad-spectrum disinfectant
  • Effective against bacteria, viruses, fungus and more
  • Fights salon odors
As a Disinfectant Spraying Solution:
Mix 1 ounce of Spa Complete into 1 gallon of water. Apply using a spray bottle and allow to soak for 1 minute before wiping with a clean cloth or table towel.
As a Foot Spa Disinfectant:
Scrub the bowl with soap and water and rinse completely before putting back together all parts. Use 1oz. of product per gallon of water to cover the intake valve or 2 inches above the highest jet. Start the pump to circulate the jet, and let the solution stand for 10 minutes. After the unit has been thoroughly disinfected, rinse all disinfected surfaces with fresh water.
Implement Disinfectant:
Remove all visible debris using water and OPI Swiss Blue Liquid Hand Soap. Place cleaned tools onto a clean towel and pat dry. Mix 2 ounces of Spa Complete into 1 gallon of water or .5 ounce of SpaComplete into 1 quart of water. Make sure tools are fully submerged in the solution, and place sanitized tools in the solution for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry before use or place in a clean container for proper storage. Fresh solutions must be prepared daily (or more often) if the solution becomes dirty or soiled.

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