Rustic Style with the Willa Trolley

Is storage always an issue? Maybe it’s time to upgrade your space and try something new.

We are loving the Willa Wooden Esthetician Trolley!

It is functional and beautiful, going perfectly with a rustic space, bringing in a warm style.

It has 3 sturdy wood shelves and 1 pull out drawer. All 3 of the shelves feature guard rail edges on 4 sides to keep all equipment, products, or supplies from falling off.

Want to see more options for your room? Click here

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And The Winner Last Week Was…

Barbicide!!! I don’t think we’ve ever shipped more 64 oz. Barbicide Disinfectants last week than I have in my whole time here at Pure Spa Direct! That’s good though – everyone is keepin’ it clean!… why? I have no idea… I’m just a shipping guy! See our great Barbicide Disinfectant HERE!

This Blog Post: And The Winner Last Week Was… originally appeared on Blogger.