Check Out How Buff I Am!

We ship hundreds of nail products per day with nail buffers being a popular item. This week saw a huge jump in the Orange Mini Buffing Blocks in the Mega Pack. I know what you’re thinking – he here goes again talking about buying in bulk! But it makes sense.. So do it!… why? I have no idea… I’m just a shipping guy! See our great Orange Mini Buffing Blocks HERE!

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OPI Silver Edge File / 180 Grit IN STOCK NOW!

Our most popular OPI nail file is FINALLY back in stock! Nail techs worldwide love these files for their precision filing for natural nails. Perfectly balanced and contoured to make filing comfortable and faster, the OPI Edge Files are a nail technician’s dream!

OPI Professional File – Edge Silver – 180 Grit / Pack of 48. OPI offers a complete collection of EDGE Cushioned Board Files and FLEX Buffers and Shiners with OPI’s exclusive, ergonomically-designed, contoured shape for faster finishing with less filing fatigue.

ORDER NOW to get yours!

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It’s all in the Name

With hundreds and hundreds colors to choose from it’s no wonder that Essie was selling hard last week. I look forward to reading all the clever names for these polishes. From Strut Your Stuff to Urban Jungle – the possibilities are endless!.. why? I have no idea… I’m just a shipping guy! See our great Essie Polish selection HERE!

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A Little Guilt Under the Kilt

Get your kilt and your bagpipes – we’re going to Scotland! Well not really, but OPI did with its new Scotland Collection! You might enjoy the colors, but I absolutely love the names! Suzi Needs a Loch-Smith is my current favorite… why? I have no idea… I’m just a shipping guy! See our great OPI Lacquer – Scotland Collection Display HERE!

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Manicure Up Charges – How Much is That $1 Costing You?

I have seen it over and over again… nail salons nickel-and-diming clients for silly things like “a drop” of quick dry or a drop of callous or cuticle remover.

About two years ago, I had a fancy $60 Spa Pedicure at a local salon. At the end, the nail tech asks if I would like dry drops. I said,”sure!”. After a few invisible pinches from the dropper she says, “that was $1 extra”. I nearly fell out of my pedicure chair, you could have knocked me over with a feather! I am blessed to be able to afford a $60 pedicure once and a while, but adding $1 to an already expensive service was infuriating to me!! I am already paying the highest price point on the menu, (their pedicures started at $17), so why bang me out for one more buck? For whatever reason – this just pissed me off to no end. I told the nail tech and the owner I thought that their whole nail dry-drop-racket was in poor taste. They were totally unphased. That event left me feeling uneasy with their business practices, and I vowed not to return. Later that year I noticed they were out of business. I wondered as I passed the “For Lease” sign, how many other patrons felt like I did?

Charging for Dry Drops is TACKY!
Either don’t offer them or include
Them in the cost of the service.

I decided to bring this topic up because I was just speaking with an associate who recently had her own, “The $1 that broke the bank” moment at a local salon. She was not only bamboozled by $1 add-ons, but she also paid for a Shellac Gel Manicure and noticed all the polish components they used were of a generic brand – and not CND. I also have noticed this $1 add-on topic was mentioned on several of the reviews about various nail salons. All the reviewers giving these salons only 1 – 2 stars because they felt the staff was ‘too pushy’ with ‘silly up-sells’ that they felt should been included for client comfort. People don’t like to feel hustled.

If your salon or spa has cost factored that offering clients dry drops is a profit center or fixed cost, INCORPORATE IT INTO YOUR SERVICE PRICE. If the advertised price of my Spa Pedicure was $61, and it included dry drops, I would have continued going to that salon.

Cutting your costs with generic brands and stacking $1 add-ons is not going to save your business… but it will turn off your clients. And it looks to me like they will Yelp you too!

Don’t get me wrong; add-ons can equal booming profits for your business, but not when you are charging for basic creature comforts and commodities. If you want to add profits to your bottom line, opt for retail options or beneficial add on treatments like:

Nail Retail Products
Natural & Hygienic Paraffin Treatments
Intensive Hand Treatments

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Nail Color Chart

Are you looking for a great way to display your collection of nail color offerings? Why not use one of these nail color charts, that are a long lasting and convenient way of displaying all you have to offer?

Nail Polish Color Chart Box / 216 Pieces
Easily display up to 216 polish colors and nail art in this professional color chart box. Includes 240 tips. Box features a magnetic closure. 11-1/2″L x 8-1/2″W x 1″D.

Nail Polish Color Chart Box / 120 Piece
Easily display nail polish colors and nail art in this stylish color chart box. Contains 120 tips. Box has a magnetic closure. Measures 9-1/4″L x 7-1/16″W x 1-1/8″D.

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Compact Mini Nail Files

What was HOT this week… besides the blazing temperatures in New York? Miniature Nail Files. These nail files come in boxes of 50… I think our clients give them away as swag to their manicure clients — I can’t imagine any other reason why everyone buys them 10 or 20 fifty packs at a time! Looks like they would fit in a even small purse… perfect for a nail emergency! The most popular color this week was blue… why? I have no idea… I’m just a shipping guy! See our great Mini File Selection HERE!

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Scrub Those Nails!

We sell a ton of nail brushes everyday, but for some reason this particular nail brush was super popular! Perhaps it’s the cool, easy to use translucent handle. Or maybe it’s the quality of the bristles. I bought one for myself and I gotta tell ya – it works pretty darn good!… why? I have no idea… I’m just a shipping guy! See our great DL Professional Translucent Nail Brush HERE!

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This Polish Flies Solo!

A Gel Polish that lasts 2 weeks AND that doesn’t need top or base coat? You betcha! Solo Gel Polish is a new addition to the Pure Spa family and people have surely noticed – it is flying out of the warehouse like we were giving it away! Get on the trend and get ’em now!… why? I have no idea… I’m just a shipping guy! See our great Solo Gel Polish selection HERE!

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