Hairdressers… Do you want to be Booked Solid?

If you answered yes… I have a book for you to read. It is called, oddly enough, Booked Solid. It is a motivational book by renowned speaker Paul J. DiGrigoli. This is the ultimate guide to getting and keeping clients.

This motivational book is essentially a guide for personal and professional development, geared toward anyone looking to build a giant clientele. The information provided is applicable to any industry. “Clients. Without ‘Em, You’re Just a Person With Scissors.” Success, money, freedom, happiness…they’re all right here for the taking. It took Paul DiGrigoli 30 years to get where he is today. And it will take you about a week to read this book. It contains all that he’s learned – how to succeed and how not to fail. Do you know what that means? It means that this book will make your journey – from wherever you are now, to wherever you want to go – fast, lucrative and filled with joy.

  • Learn how to market yourself masterfully
  • The business of being a hairdresser
  • 4 ways to increase your sales indefinitely
  • Who will help you succeed and how to find them
  • How to use your natural talents to boost your business
  • The vital link between self-care and success
  • 4 reasons clients leave and 4 reasons why they stay
  • Why loving what you do takes the WORK out of LIFE!
  • Perfect for Graduating Students
Get this book and you’ll learn: how to market yourself masterfully, the business of being a hairdresser, 4 ways to increase your sales indefinitely, who will help you succeed and how to find them, how to use your natural talents to boost your business, the vital link between self-care and success, 4 reasons clients leave and 4 reasons why they stay, and why loving what you do takes the WORK out of LIFE!
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Pregnancy Massage

If you aren’t already trained in pregnancy massages, it is a great addition to add to your credentials. Women, during any time of their pregnancy, can appreciate the benefits and overall feel-good aspects of receiving a massage. You don’t want to miss out on an entire client population by not being able to accommodate pregnant women!!!
Many times, loved ones are looking for a great gift for a pregnant woman and a gift certificate for a massage will definitely make her feel great!
If you have room to designate for pregnancy massage then I highly recommend looking into a table designed specifically for pregnancy massage such as the Spirit Pregnancy Table Package by EarthLite
If you don’t have the ability for a designated room, a great product you can have on hand for pregnant women is the Pregnancy Cushion and Headrest by EarthLite
Which ever route you are able to go, by having the right tools to provide pregnancy massage, you can open up an opportunity for incredible business growth!

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Taking Care Of Your MVP—-YOURSELF!

Sometimes with our busy schedules between work and home we tend to let our own bodies take a backseat to everything else.

An important factor to your success lies in taking care of yourself.
After all, if we are not at our best and living the lifestyle we promote to our clients then we cannot perform at our best.

There are many different ways of making sure you are supporting yourself despite your busy schedule.

Some great products for using in the office include:

Don’t forget to take time out at least once a month to pamper yourself. Whether it is massage, spa treatments, chiropractic treatments or anything else that will help you to unwind and rejuvenate your body and mind.

If you are at your best, it will show through to in your demeanor and in your work.

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Retail Retail Retail!!!

Business owner9s selling products along with service is a great way to increase repeat business along with increasing your revenue. Displaying products that are being used on clients and are available as take-home product that the client can use on their own creates an immense value to your client.

Products that extend the benefit of your treatments can be wildly successful and appealing to the client. Just having a front of house display counter does not always entice clients to purchase. Having the individualized treatment with each client gives your employees the potential to upsell every client that they service on a product that would benefit them personally.

Engaging the client while giving treatment is a great way to find out what might benefit them after the service. Displaying products within eye line that you recommend is also a great way to enhance sales, giving you another opportunity to upsell to your client and engage them in a whole new variety of product that they were potentially not aware of.

Head to Pure Spa Direct to check out our many Display units. Along with the many products that are available to retail to your clients.

Some of our client’s favorites are:

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