Waxers! Save Money, Buy in Bulk! Bulk Wax Rolls Available Now

New, high-quality waxing rolls, now available in bulk packs!

This high-quality material of this white, non-woven waxing roll helps reduce the amount of residue left behind during hair removal services. Can be cut to the appropriate size for face or body waxing.


  • Measurements: 3.25 inch x 100 yards (82.55 mm x 91.44 m)
  • Material: Polyester, 80gsm
  • Packaging: Each Roll Shrink Wrapped, Case of 6 Rolls
Prefer pre-cut strips? Find them here!

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Perfect Little Retail Item for Flawless Makeup

Are you looking for the perfect retail item to display near your cash register? Look no further than our new Makeup Blending Sponges! Available in a number of different sizes, colors, and shapes, your clients will go GAGA over them!

Why Use a Blending Sponge?
Even if your clients are doing a great job on their makeup application, applying liquid, cream, or even powder foundation with a blending sponge will bring their look to nearly flawless! Using a blending sponge to apply allows for a sheer, but buildable application, allowing your clients to build up coverage in places they need, or minimize coverage where they don’t need it. Makeup application is also faster with a sponge than a brush, so most clients prefer this method!

Why Retail These Items?
At a cost of under $3 each, you have the flexibility to maximize your profit margin on these items. They are adorable, individually wrapped, and make the perfect POP product to add on to all of your client’s purchases! With the big-brand blending sponges selling for $30 , your clients will feel like they scored the bargain of the century by purchasing with you! Available in multiple colors and styles, pick the one you like the best, or offer a variety!

Available Sizes and Shapes
Classic Blending Sponge – Pink
Classic Blending Sponge – Black
Classic Blending Sponge – Red
Classic Blending Sponge – Purple
Spiral Blending Sponge – Yellow
Angled Blending Sponge – Blue
Mini Blending Sponges – Pink, Black, Red, & Purple Assorted
Mini Blending Sponge Kit – Mini Sponge with Sponge-Tipped Applicator

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